Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hell-O, I'm a Glee-k

Okay, so Wasington, D.C. was a great trip. It was full of exciting sites & tons of inside jokes about: mapples that are high in fiber, over zealous flight attendents, a crazy lady across the aisle who wouldn't shut up (especially since our wireless computer "would crash the plane"), & very rowdy middle schoolers sharing our bus - don't even get me started on middle school :[.

After 4 days of NON-STOP touring, we got to enjoy a long charter bus ride from D.C. to Williamsburg, VA. It ended up being about 4 hrs. - I don't know if it's supposed to take this much time - but it did (our bus driver wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed...but we went with it because what other choice did we have, right?). Being the fabulous 4th grade teachers they are...Leah & Christine were prepared! They had Season 1 of Glee & we agreed to watch.

Many of the jokes were inappropriate for our young audience, so we fast forwarded those sections - or skipped the episode entirely. Even with our abbreviated, kid-friendly viewing I fell in love with Glee. It took me back to high school & that whole cool vs. not cool status stuff. I loved choir in high school, hence I love Glee. For all of you out there who may relate to the "not so cool status" I'm sure you'll LOVE Glee. For those "popular kids" board the Sue Express, you might find yourself a Glee-k too!!