Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Very Close to Home!

So this is a picture of the road I travel EVERY Sunday on my way to/from church (Black Forrest Road) - Colorado Springs is on fire again!  FBCBF is safe at this time, no deaths reported, but still a very unstable situation.

Pray for the 155+ firefighters, the 80+ homes that have been destroyed, 0% containment, & the 8,000+ acres that are affected by this mass firestorm.  Many of my friends/family are in evacuation or pre-evacuation status.

I have my car packed {housesitting for my parents} ready to take their valuables & head out - I can be out in 15 mins. or less...depending on if the animals cooperate.  So much of this house/area feels like my home, even though I live elsewhere.

The winds are strong, the fire is spotty, & the air is DRY - all not good circumstances for fires.  Please keep prayers coming for the AMAZING first responders & the families who are evacuated, worrying over their homes/businesses being burnt to the ground.

Kristan King