Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Back to School, Back to School"

Yes, it's going on my 6th year in education and I finally know what I want to be when I grow up...a teacher, FOREVER!

Well, specifically a primary teacher. So it's back to school I go. I'm enrolled at Grand Canyon University, taking online classes. I'm trying to earn my Masters in Education: Curriculum & Instruction, emphasis in Elementary Reading. Phew...that's a mouthful.

It will take 17 months. Seems like a short ammount of time, but after finishing my first week I think these months will be harder that I originally planned, isn't that always the case though?

Plus, this summer in July is DisneyWorld, FL with the WHOLE family--for about 2 weeks. Crazy to be enrolled in school?! Yeah, I know. BUT WAIT, it gets better! I also will be trying to teach summer school this year--for all of June. I have visions of my family on the beach & me in a hotel...typing...or sleeping from 1 too many late nights!

Wish me luck, too late to back out now!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Best Mom

I think my Mom is the greatest!

But, this post is to give congrats to my sister Shawn. She is really a TERRIFIC mother! Addison is such a pleasure to be around & she is super smart.

I see all these posts about wonderful kids...and I'm sure that is the case. I however want to take a minute & tell my sister that I think she is doing a AMAZING job with Addi-girl! Addison loves to be around people, shares, uses manners, and cleans up. She is after all only 17 months old -- that speaks to the routines & boundaries that my sister & Juan have established.

It is so much fun to bathe Addi, get kisses from her, shop with her, and watch her learn & grow in her little stubborn way. Keep up the hard work Shawn & Juan--Addi is truly A BLESSING to me!!