Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Time is Here!

My living room looks like Christmas threw up!  I am only 2 boxes short of having it all wrapped up though.

I love that I was able to get some great ornaments for my unique family members.  Ever been to the Holly Leaf in Old Colorado City?  It is where I found all my Christmas ornaments this year.

Today I got my report cards & all my gift shopping done.  My favorite purchases are what I got for my Mom & Addi - they're gonna love 'em!!  I also love that I stuck to my budget & everyone pretty much got the same amount spent on them this year.

I made some cute parent volunteer gifts - snowmen candy bars with fuzzy sock hats {click this link & see a sample}.  It isn't my idea & I use BOTH socks, so the recipient gets something warm & tasty!!  I added a cute little tag, saying: "Thanks SNOW much for volunteering!"  It wasn't oober expensive, because the socks are sold in 2 packs & you can get a 6 pack of candy bars.  Plus, I only needed 5 - so I  added 1 to Clare's gift, it was perfect.

I got some pretty nice gifts from my Kinders - my fav...personalized stationary!!

And, thanks to my thoughtful pal, Clare, I am now the proud owner of an infinity scarf.

Merry Christmas,