Thursday, December 5, 2013


So my parents bought a house in Flagstaff, AZ...over the internet {they swear they didn't - because "they've seen it before" but I say NUH-UH!}.  They asked my Aunt/Uncle to check it out for them & winterize it...they bought it for it's location & well, it needs some work.

Since my parents wanted to check out their "forever home" we spent Thanksgiving in AZ - Mom/Dad in Flagstaff & Shawn/I in Phoenix.  Chuck stayed in CO with Noah.

I volunteered in my sister's room for 2 days:

They had Scarecrow Day

And then we made plans for Christmas gifts, went shopping, ate turkey, watched The Book Thief & Frozen.

Some holiday PJs for Addi-girl.

"Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?"

Then, our week was through & Shawn dropped me off in Flagstaff.  We spent an evening sewing & crafting with my Aunt - she was so excited for her new words:

It was a great week - I long to be close to my sister & was nice to spend time just living life together.  Still undecided about moving to AZ, but I know it'll be hard to be so far from BOTH my mom & sis...we'll see - God's timing!

Kristan King

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why hello there Michael Buble!

So, a few months ago I was searching for MB concerts in the Colorado Springs area...found a concert on 11/20 in Denver.

I had 2 friends who committed to attending with me - Cat (my school's art teacher) and Sarah (a friend from church).  Last night we left town at 4:30pm & rocked out all the way to Denver listening to "To Be Loved" via my iPod.

We got to the Pepsi Center & had dinner across the street.  We ate dinner & enjoyed some conversation, we were just excited for a chance to see the concert - even from our nosebleed seats in section 322 {at the tippy, tippy top}.

Once we got inside we decided to do the "concert things" like t-shirt buying & poster pics etc.  So we waited a good 30 mins. between purchases & getting pics:

It took a little help from a few passers-by, but we finally got the pics we wanted.  We headed up the 3 escalators to our seats:

But the story changes, DRASTICALLY here!  We never made it to Section 322...What?!?! you say, WHY is that, you ask?

Well, we ran into Linda - Pepsi Center employee OF THE YEAR!!  She waved us over near concessions & handed us 3 seats ON THE FLOOR!  UPGRADE, YEAH!!
So we head down to Section EEE, Row 11...Hello new seats:

We were 4 rows from the mini-stage & we crossed our fingers that it was set up for him to perform from there!

Enter Naturally 7 - a great acapella group that got us all jazzed for the show.

Now bring on:

Yep, he was basically as big on the prompter as he was from our seats folks!!

Then, he walked to the mini-stage & I about peed my pants:

I swear I almost got to touch him - my cup runneth over!  Look at those pics...that's CLOSE people.

And then came the confetti:

Yep, I am in love - "All You Need is Love" don't ya' know?


I still can't believe I scored an UPGRADE to the floor - ROW 11!  Cat asked if our tickets included backstage visits - hey, can't blame a girl for trying to score the ULTIMATE UPGRADE!

Kristan :0)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Little Reno

So excited to be getting rid of my linoleum...

1 down:

Tomorrow the Guest bathroom should get it's concrete floor in...then we start tiling.

Once all the tile is down in these 2 rooms, I will tackle my Master bathroom...I have carpet on my floor in front of the sinks & I HATE CARPET IN THE BATHROOM!  So out it goes...hopefully by this weekend I will have 2 bathrooms fully functioning & a laundry room that works too!

This is how I spend my 2 week Fall Break,


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Out with the Old & In with the New

So I was sad, my favorite Pink pal bit the dust a few months ago...when I tugged too hard on her zipper!  I've been using her still, but it's time for a purse shopping trip - SEE:

I just love her - but she's seen better days:

So, I will just *HAVE* to replace her & retire "Pretty in Pink" to the great Purse-house in the sky {aka: my closet}!

On to the new - (while glow golfing at Chapel Hills mall) I walked past a Vera Bradley store...I forced walked with Noah inside & found this gem:

So my Kindle is padded & cute...I just need a bag that is {Coach} & equally so!!  Hmm, & maybe another Vera for my iPod & iPad too...

It's fun being a girl {our accessories are the BEST!}!!!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All About ME!

So sometimes I get blinders on.  I mean - it HAS to be MY way {it is the best way, after all}!

A former teammate & friend once held up her index finger and revolved the other index finger around the stationary one - stating, "Okay, so it's Kristan (stationary index finger) and the world (revolving finger)."

{I LOVE IT!!!!}

Saw this & it cracked me up.  Sometimes, it just is this:

Anyone else get a selfish streak every now and then?

I am not perfect & I do try to be accommodating, but every once it a while you just want your way.  I dig my heels in and I'm not willing to compromise.  Sometimes I'm stubborn on principles, other times I'm just being bratty - but we've all had moments.

Here's to being a little selfish (every once in awhile!),


Friday, August 16, 2013

Shopping Lists & A Lot of Random!

I have the craziest shopping lists - they go something like this:

  1. fruit
  2. yogurt
  3. whole milk
  4. Day Quil/Cold & Cough medicine
  5. wheat tortillas
  6. bleach
  7. Q-tips
  8. food coloring
  9. paper plates
  10. 2" binders
  11. page dividers
  12. popsicle sticks
  13. fly swatter
  14. yellow shirt
  15. make-up
Where does one go for such randomness?  Well, mostly Wal-Mart {but honestly, I don't like the place!}  I'd much rather go to Target, but they have a certain Dollar Spot that gets me into trouble...EVERY TIME!

This list is just for this upcoming week, for groceries, various school projects, and science experiments.  I am also on the lookout for a cute yellow shirt, Monday is Yellow Day and I have to dress the part!

Is it just me, or does any one else's lists contain such unrelated items?  PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one!

Just like my list, my mind is excited to use my sticker making machine:
Hope it's as easy as the box says,


Monday, July 29, 2013

A Training to Remember

I try to use my blog for me & family - keeping "teacher talk" to my teacher blog: Crayon Confessions.  However, my life is my job - I mean I pour into my classroom kiddos & they enrich my life so much!  I love teaching, it is more than my "JOB" - it is who I am...a calling, if you will!

Today I attended an amazing training - Capturing Kids Hearts.  I am learning so much about my colleagues - who they are, their life experiences, why they became a teacher, the things they're dealing with, & really what AMAZING people God has placed in my life as co-workers.  Learning about the hardships & things my friends have endured is truly opening my eyes to how REMARKABLE they are!!

I have been blessed to be surrounded by GREAT people & this CKH training is allowing our site to bond in a way I've never imagined {& it's only been 1 day - we have 2 more to go!}

I am beginning to see just how much of a support system & family we have at RVES - I can't wait to meet my parents/families on Wed. & welcome them to our united RVES family.  Then I get the privilege of being the teacher to 22 Kinders - who I know will help me learn & grow as a teacher and person.  So grateful to be entrusted to teach these kiddos & excited for what will happen in 2013-14 school year,


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Very Close to Home!

So this is a picture of the road I travel EVERY Sunday on my way to/from church (Black Forrest Road) - Colorado Springs is on fire again!  FBCBF is safe at this time, no deaths reported, but still a very unstable situation.

Pray for the 155+ firefighters, the 80+ homes that have been destroyed, 0% containment, & the 8,000+ acres that are affected by this mass firestorm.  Many of my friends/family are in evacuation or pre-evacuation status.

I have my car packed {housesitting for my parents} ready to take their valuables & head out - I can be out in 15 mins. or less...depending on if the animals cooperate.  So much of this house/area feels like my home, even though I live elsewhere.

The winds are strong, the fire is spotty, & the air is DRY - all not good circumstances for fires.  Please keep prayers coming for the AMAZING first responders & the families who are evacuated, worrying over their homes/businesses being burnt to the ground.

Kristan King

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hug a Teacher!

So, chances are you have your job because you had a teacher...teachers make it possible for everyone to have the careers/jobs they have.

It was Teacher Appreciation Day on 5/7 this year & did you hug a teacher...or thank a teacher?  I hope so -  I'm a product of the American public school system & I'm proud to be a public educator.  Here are the teachers I'm so grateful for:

  1. Mrs. Barnett - K
  2. Mrs. Allen - 1st
  3. Mrs. Valdez - 2nd
  4. Mrs. Becker - 3rd
  5. Mrs. Hanson - 4th
  6. Mrs. Amoriello - 5th
  7. Dr. Heath - 6th
  8. Mrs. Hawker - Science (7th)
  9. Mrs. Sword - English/Home Ec. (8th)
  10. Mr. Havens - Biology (9th)
  11. Sr. Tamooka - Spanish (10th)
  12. Mrs. Roca - English & Mr. Stoddard - Algebra II (11th)
  13. Mr. Clark - Chemistry (12th)
I may not have "liked" everyone one of them, but they all helped shape me into the adult/teacher I am today - for that I am THANKFUL for you!  Mrs. Becker I still have the mug that was given as my 3rd grade Christmas present, I had lunch with Mrs. Hawker a year ago (that was surreal), & Mr. Havens I still remember the gestures for the 4 stages of mitosis, LOL!

Now that I'm a teacher too, I can say that a hug or card - even a pat on the back or "thanks" REALLY can brighten our days!

I got this on Friday:

So show some love to a teacher - they invested in YOU!


Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter FUN!

So I have been in AZ, playing with Addi all week - well, except on Wed. & Th. when I went to work with my sis & helped out in her room.

We have been up to all kinds of fun...

This is what Spring Break is all about...tonight is Friday Fish Fry.  Can't wait to see Stewart, Wendy, Aunt Dee Dee, & Zayne!!



Sunday, March 24, 2013

The BEST Family

So much about our world seems to be spiraling out of control...but this is a HAPPY post {so I won't go there, much} except to say that God has blessed me with a family with values.  Values it seems that exist from another era.

This is what I was up to over my 1st Spring Break weekend {helping Juan's Mom}:

Her new cinnamon spice accent wall - I LOVE the color!

Should have gotten one of Rudy's new outlets & switches....those little touches make such a difference!

Her new textured walls & freshly painted hallway.
Starting to add some of the accessories back.

Where her old microwave/pantry was.

New counter tops & over the stove microwave that Rudy hung.

One last pic of that LOVELY accent wall!

Shawn, Juan, Rudy, Albert, & Lisa have been hard at work painting, repairing, & updating Rosa's living room, hallway, & kitchen...I was just there to help when asked & pitch in when needed.  It is cool to be apart of such a LOVING & CARING family - who take care of each other and are GENEROUS with their time and talents!

I know Rosa is so GRATEFUL,