Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter FUN!

So I have been in AZ, playing with Addi all week - well, except on Wed. & Th. when I went to work with my sis & helped out in her room.

We have been up to all kinds of fun...

This is what Spring Break is all about...tonight is Friday Fish Fry.  Can't wait to see Stewart, Wendy, Aunt Dee Dee, & Zayne!!



Sunday, March 24, 2013

The BEST Family

So much about our world seems to be spiraling out of control...but this is a HAPPY post {so I won't go there, much} except to say that God has blessed me with a family with values.  Values it seems that exist from another era.

This is what I was up to over my 1st Spring Break weekend {helping Juan's Mom}:

Her new cinnamon spice accent wall - I LOVE the color!

Should have gotten one of Rudy's new outlets & switches....those little touches make such a difference!

Her new textured walls & freshly painted hallway.
Starting to add some of the accessories back.

Where her old microwave/pantry was.

New counter tops & over the stove microwave that Rudy hung.

One last pic of that LOVELY accent wall!

Shawn, Juan, Rudy, Albert, & Lisa have been hard at work painting, repairing, & updating Rosa's living room, hallway, & kitchen...I was just there to help when asked & pitch in when needed.  It is cool to be apart of such a LOVING & CARING family - who take care of each other and are GENEROUS with their time and talents!

I know Rosa is so GRATEFUL,


Friday, March 1, 2013

Personal Blog...I'm a Slacker!

Sorry, haven't posted in a bit...well not here anyway!

I'm attempting to weekly post {minimum} on my teacher blog - parents love seeing the pics & they give me such positive feedback about all the pictures.

See I have been busy...such a fun Seuss Day!

Looking forward to some great things:
  • March 8th - Oz the Great and Powerful - can I get a woo-hoo?  EXCITED does not begin to describe it!!!
  • Spring Break - going to see my sis 
    • George Straight didn't work out...kinda bummed, but man concerts are expensive!
  • A few new sewing projects to work on (once my sewing machine is back from the "hospital" getting serviced/repaired)...from the Denver Quilt show my mom & I went to a few weeks ago - it was a BLAST {I love my mom/daughter, daddy/daughter days}!

Fabric chosen for a "posy" bullseye variation of a lap quilt.
  •  Moving into the 21st Century with a Smart iPhone...I know - I'm "one of those people" now!!  LOL!
  • Bachelor PARTY!!  On March 4th The Women Tell All is going to go down & my teacher peeps are coming over for some Mexican food, Bachelor, & we will DISH people.  Who could miss a gossip about "the Tiara-ist"???  It's gonna be a blast...with a side of margaritas, O.L.E!!

Just enjoying family & friends - living the dream.  What have you been up to?