Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Blog & blah, Blah, BLAH!!

So I did it - I started a classroom blog!

It's called Crayon Confessions
The colorful happenings of Miss King's classroom, Room #13
- Don't you love the title? {If not, keep it to yourself, I've been really working hard on it :0)!!!}

It is far from done - I'll give you more info on my school blog - right now it's just empty (but I was in love with my title, so I found a free HEADER so I could snatch up the title...now I'm trying to decide if I wanna pay for super special buttons & graphics to really beef it up - since I'll ask parents to stop by and view the pics.).

I haven't been this pumped up about SCHOOL STUFF for some time! I have so many ideas that my plans are sketched out until 11/22 (Thanksgiving break starts 11/23). {C-ha-RAZY!!!!}

So what will I blog about now that school has it's own place? I am going to have to get a life - oh wait, until recently I was blogging all about other things. Now I just have to get some balance...and man, can I just say, Pinterest is ADDICTIVE!!

I have found so many ideas - already have a plan for my homemade Christmas ornaments, for the family!! I can't post until after 12/25 because that would ruin the surprise - but, they are SUPER cute, made by me, & OH SO EASY - that has become a PRE-requisite!!

The button ones I made last year were too, if you're looking for a simple ornament project look here.

Oh, and my newest quilt Rockefeller Rival is going to be fun to get started. I bought {and gifted} the circle cutter to my mom - so with my "Reindeer Games" layer cake & tools in hand, I'm all set to get that going!

So this post is turning into a brain dump, but my house is {mostly} decorated for fall - is yours? Can't wait to finish jig sawing with Jen to add those fun pumpkins to my fall decor stash. BTW, how did crackle painting turn out J?

That's all now - (like this isn't enough)!!


Friday, October 7, 2011

New Ideas

So loving the world of teacher blogging...thinking of posting some of my very own ideas (someday) when grad school is finished, maybe!!

As of right now loving finding new ideas from other 1st grade teachers - so excited to make Frankie Friend Glyphs (check out Mrs. Jump's TpT store) and do a Wizard of Oz unit (thanks to Babbling Abby).

My head is still spinning, so much to do for my 2 week fall break & I'm super excited to get it all planned out! Loving my job,