Sunday, November 20, 2011

Civic Duty {stinks}!

So I hesitantly entered the Colorado Springs Judicial Building at 8:00am on Monday. I walked out, at 5:45pm in tears - wandering, because I was LOST & being followed by some homeless vagrant in the dark!!

Well, I was rescued (by the judge's paralegal, she recognized me - THANK YOU JESUS, literally, she saved me; I was 5 blocks from my parking garage). I know more about downtown than ever before, too bad I won't get a chance to WINDOW SHOP at Christmas while I've been there.

It has been a whole week, of blah, blah, blah...I think I can identify 3/4 of CSPD {some were pretty HOT, so it wasn't a total wash}. I had a crazy sub & I'm pretty sure my kids have gone berserk, but I am resigned to the fact that this is out of my control. I listen to the babble all day & write papers and lesson plans 'til 10pm every night, because jury duty isn't an extenuating circumstance, as far as grad. school is concerned {J.O.Y.}!

I keep waiting for the time when "it will feel like a privilege!" as the judge stated. {I had my fingers crossed on Friday that I was a secret alternate...I wanted it B.A.D. - I would have left the place in a blaze of GLORY!} But, lucky I AM NOT {crazy, check} - pray for wisdom & insight.

A tough day awaits...