Friday, October 22, 2010

Mean Girl?!

So I was at lunch talking about this very topic...then on TV I have been seeing all the re-runs of Real Housewives of _____ (there's OC, DC, Beverly Hills, New York, New Jersey, and Atlanta...did I get 'em all...who knows?). Maybe an even better question is who cares?

Well...being at home for the past 2 weeks can only be filled with so much crafts, shopping, Facebook, Blogging, etc. So I have become a Real Housewives watcher...I must say these WOMEN, not girls, WOMEN are MEAN!! If you were to look up nasty, vindictive, hateful - there has to be the names of these women! It started me thinking, especially because I've really only seen 1 to 3 episodes here and there of a few of the Real Housewives of ____ & then I caught quite a few of their Reunion re-runs yesterday.

Also, if you've ever seen the movie Mean Girls, they are mocking this same kind of caty, hateful, nasty behavior as shown in the reality show Real Housewives of ___.

So my point...I'm kinda jealous & disappointed in myself. Jealous because the STRENGTH these women have - to constantly return to an environment of negativity, & they don't even CRY!! I swear I would be in TEARS...I couldn't do it. I want to be able to say the things they say - do the things they do & walk away without the guilt (that HAS to follow, but that must be when the cameras shut off). And, it begs the question...what do their parents say?

Disappointed because REALLY?!?! That's what you want to project to millions of TV watchers all around the world?!?!?!?! I wouldn't want to look at, let alone meet up with some of these women for "drinks", if I had said 1/2 the hateful and vindictive things they say...

And disappointed that I really think that this is behavior I I really want to be a mean girl? Honestly, I am--my name is right along side those words too...but I die to my human instincts each and every time I allow God in me to shine through. I know what my Dad would say!

Glad my life isn't on camera--not sure I could handle being that "introspective!" But isn't it? God is watching, collecting footage all the time - not for a reality TV show, but to refine me & make me aware of the things I do that aren't Godly.

I really don't want to be a mean girl...I want to be God's girl. The one that makes Him smile from heaven, as He watches the footage of His daughter.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A $498 Fiasco

Since, I am 3/4 of the way done with my final (5th) snowman cross stitch, I decided to begin preparing for a second quilt - by the same designer, look at her website: This one will be equally cute, but I'm not showing pics of the quilt until it's finished. It's my Type A (Shawn hates that). Here are some pics of my fabric choices though:

What do you think?

So, now for the $498 question! As the sales woman was checking me out at JoAnne's on Friday, she was efficient & orderly - I had 28 different 6 in. pieces of fabric, so I understood her need for accuracy. She finally gave me the total...$498.

I was like, "I'm sorry, how much?"


I began to fumble and blush, afraid that I'd have to pay $500 - because I had just spent 30 mins. at the cut table & another 15 mins. in line to pay. "Ummm, don't you think that's waaaay too much?" I replied starting to tear up - how embarrasing I thought, I'm going to have to leave because I can't afford my purchases!!!! Mentally, I began mocking myself: "Don't you know how to add--You're a TEACHER for cryin' out loud!" I think I even said to the cashier, "Well I am just a teacher, I can't afford $500 for fabric!"

Well, needless to say the cashier found the error - not either her or my fault. At the cut table the associate forgot a decimal point. So fabric that was $4.98 per yard, became $498. After my coupons & the 3 way split of costs with my Mom and Sis...the quilts will cost about $20. Not bad...way better than $500 that's for sure!!!

"...She's Crafty!"

All these craft posts & my Mom, have encouraged me to finish up all my: "started, yet not completed projects." Like my set of 5 counted cross stitch snowmen wall more to go & then they'll be ready to frame (just in time for Christmas, I'M SO EXCITED!!)

Or, the pumpkin quilt...which is now happily smiling upon me each time I enter my living room!

And the 12x12 message board - an idea which I stole from Clare, who stole from a blog, etc.

Finally, I have all the supplies to make my candy corn wreath & most of the supplies needed to start my book wreath (hopefully I can find the right kind of book, but all the rest is covered). I'm looking forward to Clare's help today with finding that "just right" book :0).

I'll keep you posted with the quilt pics & my handmade Christmas ornaments...