Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snow Special

Isn't my 'Frosted Latte' snowman ornament super cute? Thanks Mom, XOXO!

A post about my Gordmans goes!

Well, I only have 2 seasonal wall hanging quilts (Happy Jack & Presidential Pardon), so what's a girl to do with that empy wall space {FILL IT}! Plus, for any of you who have visited, you know that my hangings are pretty sparse anyway...there is only so much you can do on a limited budget - staying out of debt is priority #1.

At Gordmans on Monday we ran into some super cute things & at great prices. Super perk, they're I can keep them up in CO 'til Feb. or March {BECAUSE IT'S ALWAYS STILL SNOWING!!!}

Here are my lovely finds...

Here is the garland I plan to put around my mirror upstairs - to keep the spring & snowmen theme going.

Monday, December 19, 2011

"and, Another one for me!"

My mom and I went on an ornament hunt today! Don't you hate when you go shopping for a specific thing & it eludes you? I can't stand it!

However, I do love when you get the best gift ever & it happens unexpectedly - so I guess it can't go both ways {although, it SHOULD!, LOL}. Well that is what happened to Mom and I today. We went to 3 Ross stores in search of Steinbach ornaments, that mom found all through my childhood in Germany for $3-$8. They are all our favorite ornaments {mom, Shawn, & me}.

Well Shawn found them by chance in 2 different Ross stores in AZ - mom and I thought we'd give it a try, no such luck!

If you know me, you should know that cute ornaments are a family trait - it's in our DNA! My mom's tree is super cute with these Steinbachs - and I am OOBER jealous that my sister's tree will now have 8 of these cuties. Mine will have 1, my sister's ornament gift to me this year {bummer for me that I don't have 8, I must have gotten genes from the shallow end of the pool!}

If I wanted, I could purchase them from the Steinbach store in Germany for $25 a piece! What?!?!? I'm sorry but part of the fun of having an ornament giving tradition is that they're not super expensive, I don't own an ornament that is more than say $10 (and that's a stretch)!!

Mom and I stopped at the Southgate Ross in a final attempt, no luck (it was our 3rd store). I did find some super cute ornaments for mom & dad at Gordmans though. Check 'em out...

And now the post mom was deciding upon her final purchases..."Let's see," she states. "I have 1 for me. OH, and another one for me. And...another one for ME!" Yes, she was so funny talking to herself, so proud of all 3 of her ornament finds - FOR HERSELF! She ended up buying me a "Frosty Latte" snowman in a coffee cup & I bought these two pictured above. She still ended up with 3, all for herself! She's so funny.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

~Something(s) Lovely...Beneath the Tree~

So my first gift was to myself, a Black Friday present {applause} a CRICUT!! I have been wanting one for F.O.R.E.V.E.R. & yes, it is all mine. So excited to get cutting...I think my first cuts will be for my classroom kiddos snow globes.

Thanks to my parents, gift #2 came last week - my living room ceiling fan. Dad & I were at Lowe's looking for something {heaven knows what, the man could sleep on a cot there and still find something to purchase DAILY} but we couldn't find it at Home Depot so we went looking elsewhere. We were perusing the aisles & I casually said, "That fan looks nice." My Dad said, "Well, we'll get it for Christmas. We'll come back with your Mom and pick one out that you like." I thought, "Cool!"

S0 now I just need to update some lighting fixtures, add my curtains, & hang 2 fans upstairs in the rooms. Well, let's not discuss flooring just yet! :0) {A house is a work-in-progress, as I'm realizing.}

P.S. This post is for Nicole - who shopped with us {Mom, Shawn, & I} on Black Friday. Shawn asked me, "Are you going to wrap your Cricut & cartridges, and put them under your tree?" That was not my plan, but before I could reply as such, Nicole says "No, that's dumb - she should go home & use them!" Ha HA! {Nicole bought a Keurig, I asked her about wrapping it up & placing it under the tree as a joke - she rolled her eyes & was like, "H#*@ NO, I'm making my coffee with it tomorrow!"} Gotta love us single gals, asking for practical gifts or just buying them for ourselves!!

P.S.S. Now I'm seriously considering a Keurig for myself - Black Friday 2012?!?!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nonies Having a Birthday!

O.H. my word! My beautiful, rambunctious nephew is turning 4 tomorrow! How can that be? I'm sure my brother & Evelyn feel the same...but really, where does the time go?

I can't wait to see him tomorrow, at Mr. Bigg's house {so funny that he calls it that} and give him his presents...

  1. An Elf on a Shelf - I bought one for my class too, and parents let me tell you Taylor the Elf {named by my 24 1st graders} is Ah-MAZ-ing at correcting behavior so only nice things are reported to Santa each night! Plus, it is so fun to watch the children scour the room looking for the elf's latest hiding spot. If you don't have one, you are missing out on a F.U.N. Christmas tradition!

  2. Art supplies - the kid loves to color, the bulk of his gift was #1. I just wanted to give him some fun things to supplement (and I don't want him to only get Christmas-y gifts from me on his birthday).
I swear though, December birthdays should be outlawed - not because we don't want to celebrate. But what do you get for a kid who will get a TON in 3 weeks?!?!

XOXO Noah, Aunite KK loves you so much!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Civic Duty {stinks}!

So I hesitantly entered the Colorado Springs Judicial Building at 8:00am on Monday. I walked out, at 5:45pm in tears - wandering, because I was LOST & being followed by some homeless vagrant in the dark!!

Well, I was rescued (by the judge's paralegal, she recognized me - THANK YOU JESUS, literally, she saved me; I was 5 blocks from my parking garage). I know more about downtown than ever before, too bad I won't get a chance to WINDOW SHOP at Christmas while I've been there.

It has been a whole week, of blah, blah, blah...I think I can identify 3/4 of CSPD {some were pretty HOT, so it wasn't a total wash}. I had a crazy sub & I'm pretty sure my kids have gone berserk, but I am resigned to the fact that this is out of my control. I listen to the babble all day & write papers and lesson plans 'til 10pm every night, because jury duty isn't an extenuating circumstance, as far as grad. school is concerned {J.O.Y.}!

I keep waiting for the time when "it will feel like a privilege!" as the judge stated. {I had my fingers crossed on Friday that I was a secret alternate...I wanted it B.A.D. - I would have left the place in a blaze of GLORY!} But, lucky I AM NOT {crazy, check} - pray for wisdom & insight.

A tough day awaits...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Blog & blah, Blah, BLAH!!

So I did it - I started a classroom blog!

It's called Crayon Confessions
The colorful happenings of Miss King's classroom, Room #13
- Don't you love the title? {If not, keep it to yourself, I've been really working hard on it :0)!!!}

It is far from done - I'll give you more info on my school blog - right now it's just empty (but I was in love with my title, so I found a free HEADER so I could snatch up the I'm trying to decide if I wanna pay for super special buttons & graphics to really beef it up - since I'll ask parents to stop by and view the pics.).

I haven't been this pumped up about SCHOOL STUFF for some time! I have so many ideas that my plans are sketched out until 11/22 (Thanksgiving break starts 11/23). {C-ha-RAZY!!!!}

So what will I blog about now that school has it's own place? I am going to have to get a life - oh wait, until recently I was blogging all about other things. Now I just have to get some balance...and man, can I just say, Pinterest is ADDICTIVE!!

I have found so many ideas - already have a plan for my homemade Christmas ornaments, for the family!! I can't post until after 12/25 because that would ruin the surprise - but, they are SUPER cute, made by me, & OH SO EASY - that has become a PRE-requisite!!

The button ones I made last year were too, if you're looking for a simple ornament project look here.

Oh, and my newest quilt Rockefeller Rival is going to be fun to get started. I bought {and gifted} the circle cutter to my mom - so with my "Reindeer Games" layer cake & tools in hand, I'm all set to get that going!

So this post is turning into a brain dump, but my house is {mostly} decorated for fall - is yours? Can't wait to finish jig sawing with Jen to add those fun pumpkins to my fall decor stash. BTW, how did crackle painting turn out J?

That's all now - (like this isn't enough)!!


Friday, October 7, 2011

New Ideas

So loving the world of teacher blogging...thinking of posting some of my very own ideas (someday) when grad school is finished, maybe!!

As of right now loving finding new ideas from other 1st grade teachers - so excited to make Frankie Friend Glyphs (check out Mrs. Jump's TpT store) and do a Wizard of Oz unit (thanks to Babbling Abby).

My head is still spinning, so much to do for my 2 week fall break & I'm super excited to get it all planned out! Loving my job,


Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Reindeer Games" Layer Cake

So I just got a great surprise - my newest quilt pattern 'Rockafellar Rival' from the 'Reindeer Games' line, a layer cake (basically like the charm pack I linked to above, but larger squares. {Isn't it DARLING?!?!}

And let me tell you after this week, it couldn't have come at a better time! I am beyond tired, stressed, and frustrated. I need a strong drink and a new attitude about the whole situation.

For now, I'm just praying about it & trying to leave it with God - He is after all the only one who I can count on.

Can't wait to sew my stress away this weekend :0) - next week HAS to get better or I'm going to take a personal day - a personal day to catch up on sleep and stop this stress!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

How Did I Miss This?

So, I've spent all day on Blogger! Basically I've tapped into the collaborative teaching community that is 1st Grade Teachers blogging...and I must say - WOW!

My head is spinning with ideas - can't wait to start my Johnny Appleseed unit Monday & even more so because I found a MILLION ideas to enhance it.

I'm so excited for all my new stuff that I added all my favorites to a blog list...don't be sad if you're a blogger friend, my blog list is for my TEACHING ideas. Maybe I'll just turn this blog into a teaching one...but hence I've got one with my new school website! Can't wait to post photos and clips of my students' apple work.

Lovin' blogs right now :0)!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hurt People, Hurt People

This week I've experienced more than ever: Hurt people, hurt people.

I am trying to keep that in mind when I stand, open-mouthed, shocked, stunned, amazed at the things people say (or feel that they can say). Whether true or not, there are boundaries you should adhere to in your speech and quite frankly, there is a certain tact that you should aim for as well.

I am far from perfect in this area - BELIEVE me! But, what I hold fast to are simple truths (taught by my mother and God) and I feel might need a revival, so here goes:

  1. If you don't have anything nice to say - don't say ANYTHING at all! BEFORE saying something out-and-out rude, just ponder "Should I go there?"

  2. Kill 'em with kindness - for those of us reeling with anger over how we've been spoken to or treated.

  3. This one hangs in my house: "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver." Proverbs 25:11 - maybe using this as a guide. I think this: complements make someone bloom, criticism makes someone wilt (you can see it happening, I swear & quite frankly, HOW SAD!).

So lesson to me - rise above the nonsense and do/be better! Don't let hurt people get a dig in, rather pray for them. Hard to do, but I do feel sympathy for them - truly. I love my family! My blessings in this area are OVERWHELMING...that is just for my family, not to mention my job and other areas.

I'm actively choosing to be a "the cup is half-full" person - because really, when I stop and take account, my cup runneth over!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Well in the thick of back to school - my life, desk, house - basically EVERYTHING can get out of whack!!

It is amazing how 1 list turns into 5, all with unfinished tasks! Every year I wonder - how do I do this all? How will I overcome this pile? Is it always like this?

A wise teammate/friend told me that the beginning of the year is like labor. You forget how hard it is because you have the reward of the child - if I remember the start of every year I would STOP teaching (just like a mother, if her only memory was of labor, she'd likely not have more children). What I remember from year to year are the moments of insight, humor, and the products of a year-long effort - sending class after class to the next grade with confidence that they'll be successful the following year.

Right now my life is totally out of balance! I'm working at developing so many things at once, but I have to slow down and enjoy the moments and remember how it took the WHOLE year to master centers, calendar, writing groups, reading groups, and really our daily schedule (to be honest :0)).

I'm going to calmly approach this week - despite my overwhelmingly heaping desk & lists of unfinished to dos. I am not going to NOT do what is expected of me, but I am going to strive for balance and try really hard to keep calm so I can just ENJOY my wonderful 23 6 year olds!!! My class is truly a great one - a gift I've been entrusted with. I am so anxious to start this week now...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dreams Begin Here

I am so excited to start my 7th year...teaching 1st grade...with a Disney themed room.

Every year I start out with a "theme," I guess. But, they never stay - I change things up and don't change my language or meeting place names (ie meetings happen at "carpet" & daily calendar is called "calendar"). SO dull...I know, but it works.

This year I am excited to change things up! I'm naming my classroom after different parts of the Magic Kingdom Park in Disney World. Gonna be fun & I'm super excited to mix it up.

My introductory bulletin board is called 'Dreams Begin Here' & I'm excited to learn about & accomplish some dreams to this year's group of 6 & 7 year olds!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Vacations...Phew!

So, we had our ups and downs - but we managed to have a 10 person family vacation! Only thing I'd do differently...wear sunscreen on my LEGS at Daytona beach, BEFORE falling asleep!

Of course we can't please everyone, but I'd do it again (vacation with 10 people, I mean). AND, I'd go back to FL, just I'd try to do a little less - 4 amusement parks in 6 days is A LOT, especially with 2 toddlers.

Highlight: Chef Mickey was expensive I won't lie, but it was so much FUN to have 1-on-1 time with the 5 charaters & to see the excitement on Addi & Noah's faces. The food was nice too, not at all like a "buffet" experience I was expecting.

Here are a few photos - check out Shawn's blog for others:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Bling T & Spray Paint

So as a high schooler I loved Mickey Mouse. Perusing through my jewelery box the other day I found an old pair of Mickey Mouse earrings. I was SUPER excited, with our upcoming trip to Disney World, these would make the perfect addition to my bling'd out t-shirt.

Only problem...they were tarnished, used to be gold but had just gone UGLY! So I thought, paint 'em. Well I found a can of spray paint for $1.38...NICE!!! Spray painted those bad boys & Wa La...cute, right?!?! Here are pics of the shirt & earrings...

"Write On!"

So here are some pics of a new bulletin board I'm making, for writing. For all those who think "Teacher's have summers off, must be nice & Teachers have the best job because of it..." well this post is to prove how much off time we really utilize!

Can't wait to see it all hanging in the hallway. All my RVES peeps - don't go copying, ya hear?!?!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

For the past month, or so, I have been blessed with 2 very SPECIAL house guests!

I love spending time with my sister - she's super generous with sharing her home with me, so it was nice to return the favor.

Addi was a fun addition to the party! She is truly a doll. It has been fun to hear her little phrases, listen to her mimicing EVERYONE, and watching her antics! She truly is a bright, little Miss Sunshine; bringing light wherever she goes.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Cutest LUNCH on the Block!

So, I needed a good gift idea for my sister. She appreciates her accessories (as all women do)! I was invited to a Thirty-one party and had plans to order a lunch tote for myself, but then I had the brilliant, beyond brilliant, idea to order 2 instead - one for me and the other for Shawn.

Well, with Grandma's passing I couldn't attend the party. BUT - gotta love the Internet - I was able to order as if I'd been at the party. Shawn chose a white bag with colorful dots, monogrammed in bright orange. Here is my super cute monogrammed lunch bag (it only had a minor issue, but Thirty-one resolved it VERY efficiently, so no complaints)...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feels Like Home

Grandma Dee passed away in late May and this post is just a simple look back into our dwelling places...

Well, I remember spending so much time in that little shop in downtown Phoenix. Grandma & Grandpa knew everyone! That store was theirs, arranged like a little Circle K...passers-by knew where to find things & everything was accessible.

Since we lived in different places, my family had lots of down time with Grandma & Grandpa. Time spent in their various houses, chating and enjoying a meal or coffee. Usually we spent Thanksgiving and part of Christmas together and her house always had the walking Santa ringing his bell and a little tree, with colored lights.

It wasn't until Grandpa passed away in 2000, that I really got to know my Grandma Dee--we reluctantly moved to CO at the same time and it was the first time I'd spent any extended time with my Grandma. Honestly, we were like roommates. We complained about CO winters, went shopping, ate Chinese, laughed, and learned about each other. Sometimes we went to a movie or just walked circles around Wal-Mart. Those first few years we shopped for everything to add that personal touch to our rooms and shared bathroom. Pictures, bathroom rugs with matching towels (straight pins), wall hangings, flowers, vases, potpuri, baskets, beds, dressers, bookcases, record player, chairs, YOU NAME IT! Grandma was estatic to move into a larger room & expand her interior could find her room anywhere!

In the final weeks with her she was so funny! She'd share stories and funny jokes...I think that's why even while she was in the ICU I didn't think she was ready. I mean, she was cracking my Mom and I up. Then Shawn came and they were laughing too.

I just remember Grandma talking about home. In the hospital and even once she came to my parents' house...always talking about HOME. I was like, "Grandma you're here" because I (wrongly) assumed she meant her room, at my parents' house. Not the case! She wanted to be home...with Grandpa & Jesus. In her heavenly home, her final and permanent residence.

I know heaven is the best home she's ever had! Many people will remember Grandma for her accessories and dogs...I remember those things too. I also remember that Grandma's house was always familiar, decorated in the same way no matter what address she had. Her house/room always had artificial plants/flowers, bells, teacups, and photos. She loved to move things around but no matter the arrangement, it always felt like HOME.

When I get there, I'll be sure to recognize Grandma's home - I can't wait for the reunion!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


So, below is the post I recently made for my graduate class. Post/comment books that have had an impact on your life...I'm such a bookworm & am always looking for books that challenge me, with characters I can relate to in some way.


What literature influenced you at different times in your life? Describe each period of influence that you experienced.

As a young child, I memorized two books – Ferdinand & Are You My Mother? I remember really making a connection to these books, I truly loved those stories.

My grandmother was a teacher for 42 years. She had books everywhere in her house. I remember visiting her and feeling like I was in the library. In 4th grade she encouraged me to read Heidi. This book opened up the world of chapter books. I remember reading the following series: Ramona, Babysitters Club, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Narnia especially was an influence in the genre of fantasy, and introduced Christian allegory.

In junior high my parents required summer reading and visits to our local library once a week. Now these rules might seem strict, but I treated this time as a gift – my siblings not so much! I read all kinds of books Anne of Green Gables being one, but most weren’t in a series. I rarely checked out non-fiction. I preferred reading contemporary fiction, with characters that dealt with realistic situations. I remember checking out a larger chapter book and then asking my dad if I could keep it for more than the required one week, because I hadn’t finished it – he just smiled.

In high school I continued to devour books – I remember reading To Kill a Mockingbird, Inherit the Wind, & Of Mice and Men my junior year. I loved that English class. My senior year, I read Things Fall Apart, a novel I HIGHLY recommend. It influenced me and opened my eyes to another culture and how it was suppressed and eventually annihilated.

I had a hard time deciding on a major in college. I loved many of my undergrad classes. When I looked at my schedule and courses, I realized I had taken two extra literature classes than what was required. It took seeing this in print form for me to finally recognize that I LOVED literature, so English would be an ideal major. In college I read too many books to pick favorites (The Awakening, The Sound and the Fury, Great Expectations, Regeneration, many Shakespeare plays – my favorite “Titus”, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, and the list goes on and on). I really enjoyed my Witches & Wise Women in Renaissance Literary History class – it was fascinating to read about witchcraft and the projection of that in history and literature of that time period. I continue to be amazed at how timeless literature is, how hundreds of years later it can still be relevant and contain issues that people still deal with regularly.I can say that I enjoyed every second of going to The Globe Theatre in London and seeing “The Merry Wives of Winsor” performed. It was so surreal, I cried…I know it’s sappy, but I LOVE BOOKS!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yay for Creativity!

So I am a pretty crafty person. I am always trying this or that...hey, what can I say: I LOVE a craft project! And I come by it sister, mom, and I are always sharing our creative escapades with each other.

My sister has been using "Pocket Books" in her classroom this year. I asked about them when she told me about them in Aug. or Sept. - but as any of you teach-peeps know, out of sight out of mind & I failed to get more info. or respond with interest, so Shawn stopped talking about it and the subject wasn't brought up again, until...

Now that I'm working on my Master's, there are a few more responsibilities as far as data & research are concerned. I do many of the things I've always done, now I just have to calculate and report out percentages of proficient students etc.

Well my action research project is about developing independence in descriptive writing by using small, differentiated groups. So I formed my writing groups, but to teach them I have to have something else for the kiddos-who are not in group-to do. Writing groups also run into my Science/Social Studies time, so integrating was ESSENTIAL for success.

So, who do I call when I need ideas & sister!! She reminded me of the Evan Moor "Pocket Book" series -- I proceded to order Jan., Feb., Apr. - July. We're sharing...she has the others. So together we'll have the complete 12 month series.

Last week my 1st Graders started their first one...Famous Americans. And...they LOVE it! Today we started sewing bookmarks with their initals--to remember Betsy Ross. They know so much about her & because of the hands-on connections to making a 13 starred & striped flag & sewing an initialed bookmark, they have remembered EVERYTHING about this unit.

They are experts in: John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross, & after Friday...Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Gotta love it when you see the light bulbs shining--so bright they're blinding me!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Any Takers?

So my mom received Amish Friendship Bread starter, and gave me one. I made the bread in a bundt pan & I LOVE IT.

However, it is a lot of cake for one person & now I have 3 starters to give away. Any baker takers? It takes about 10 days & then you can get started.

It's really easy & all it requires are baking things you probably already have:
eggs, flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon, & vanilla

Only ingredients that you might not have on hand are:
lg. box of instant pudding & add ins (chocolate chips, nuts, raisins)

I do have friends...just they don't seem to be baker-takers of this starter. It's really tasty...promise :0)! Let me know if you're interested...

Saturday, February 26, 2011


So I never thought of myself as afraid of enclosed spaces--elevators, closets, trunks, etc. Probably because I've never been locked in one!

Well, on Wednesday that all changed. Have you ever experienced that panic when you lose control & really aren't sure how to solve a problem?

I'm pretty sure that's what happened to me! I was leaving for work & my garage wouldn't open...the overhead motor was just blinking. I didn't start to panic until I pushed the buttons, reached over my car & reset the motor & it STILL wasn't working. Then I realized I wouldn't be able to leave, how would I get to work--how would I get my car out--did my car have to stay trapped in here? My heart started racing & I kind of freaked out--who was going to help me?

Oh, but the cord--THANK GOD for the pull cord thingy that allowed me the freedom from my beastly garage. It is amazing how little I stopped to assess a situation before panic ensued! I'm even more grateful that I didn't get in total freak out mode before I recognized that the escape pull cord was dangling there all along.

Oh and have I mentioned before ;0) just how FANTASTIC a brother I have? ;0) Called him on my way to work & he dropped by to save the day. He fixed my garage & my garage light--it was doing that annoying flicker thing (even with new bulbs) so he rewired a new ballast, which is MORE energy efficient--YAY for BROTHERS. Then Evelyn made dinner. Love those 2!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best & Worst

So in a Teaching with Love & Logic training this Saturday I had to write about my best & worst teachers.

My best was Mrs. Becker in 3rd Grade. She was older, probably close to retiring but she'd sing at her piano for transitions at least once day & we all had fun classroom jobs. I loved being in her class and especially loved the fun projects we'd do for holidays. Also I remember she was really good about reading aloud (I remember Jumanji & The Elves and the Shoemaker) to us and having parent speakers each month. I have so many memories: Secret Santa gift exchange, being Hawaii and voting for Roger Rabbit in our mock-Presidential election, and joining choir performing: Peter Rabbit & singing for soldiers before they deployed to Kuwait.

Worst...was 1st Grade. Maybe this is why I feel so compelled to be a good, relational 1st Grade teacher?!?! I remember not speaking in her class for days - and for those of you who know me I'm sure you're like "Yeah, right!" Really though, I remember her making me recite things in front of the class that she knew I couldn't do...I just felt so stupid so I started to play mute. I hated her class & I was almost retained because of my lack of cooperation in her presence! What's worse...well, my mom told me a few weeks ago that she's pretty sure this lady got Teacher of the Year in our former school district. I guess sometimes it's just a personality conflict, right?

So how goes it with you? What are your bests & worsts when it comes to school teachers & memories?

Monday, February 7, 2011

50 Things I Love

Well, this marks my 50th blog post. So fittingly I'll post 50 things I LOVE - also just in time for Valentine's Day!

1. Knowing that my future is settled - my faith is who I am, Jesus paid my way & words can't express that sacrifice or my gratitude.

2. My family...who would I be without their influence & modeling?

3. The sun - couldn't live in a place where it's not sunny for most of the year! CO, almost doesn't count because winter lasts FOREVER!!!!

4. Slippers - love having extra toasty feet.

5. Electric blankets, a must have for an AZ girl living in CO!

6. M&Ms a mix of regular & peanut (boys & girls as Casi says)

7. On-line school, kinda crazy considering I whine about it alot, but I'm really enjoying that I can just glance over all the annoying peoples' comments, not have to listen to them drone on & on for hours in a lecture hall!

8. Quilting, it has been fun learning how to sew like my mom & I'm getting better each quilt.

9. Claritin-D-nothing helps me breathe better with the allergies. Even when I have to sign my live away to get the script, it's SOOO worth it.

10. Teaching, most days it's fun & the BEST JOB EVER!

11. My boss-she's an amazing administrator, who thinks like a classroom teacher (very hard to find)!

12. Glee (need I say more?).

13. My brother's handy-man skills.

14. Fires - I love campfires, wood burning stoves, & electric fireplaces; love that toasty feeling & the smell doesn't bother me like it does some people.

15. Chai-tea try one, you might get addicted!

16. Talking on the phone with my sister.

17. FB - keeping in touch is fun, most of the time.

18. Aunt Dee Dee's e-mails because they're full of quilting patters she wants me to try.

19. Harry Potter - so sad to know the final movie #7 part 2 is almost here.

20. Going to the dentist - LOVE having a teeth cleaning.

21. Flip Flops - why wear shoes?

22. The Bachelor - love to watch & ponder the rantings of the cast members!

OMGsh...not even 1/2 way yet?!?! This is HARD!

23. Traveling (would love to visit all 50 States--next is FL; really want to go to NY).

24. Chick-flicks, can't resist 'em.

25. Reading - I'll read any book you give me, HONESTLY!

26. Coloring, I find it soothing to use Crayola crayons to color (guess I'm in the right profession :0)).

27. Jewelry, love those accessories (too bad they're kinda $).

28. Friends - spending time with people who care about me & who I care about.

29. Coffee, how do you get up without it?!

30. MY BED - can't believe it took this long to post, forgot you oh dear thing.

31. Going shopping, although I've cut WAY back in this dept.

32. Patterned socks...if you must wear socks, patterns make them fun.

33. Game nights - my competitive side comes ROARING out (I really enjoy winning)!

34. Popcorn, the movie theater kind hurts my tummy, but I love making it at home in a pot (not in the microwave).

35. COKE - another one I can't believe is so far down the list, but I've really been cutting it back.

36. My cat, Simon's great company.

37. Google - how did I find answers to all of life's questions before it?

38. Pedicures. I'd love to get one soon, any takers?

39. Finding new uses for old stuff, I keep things & it's fun to find ways to craft or reuse old items.

40. Frozen margaritas with EXTRA salt...mmmm!

41. Post-it notes. Well really, office supplies in general make me happy. Love those colored paper clips too!

42. Wireless of the best & most thoughtful presents from my dad EVER! Plus he apologized because he "Couldn't find a pink one" LOL, too funny right?!?!

43. Pumpkin cookies with maple icing...tasty.

44. Sparkle the sparkle ones, most of mine sparkle (and if they don't I add the sparkle over the flat colors ha ha!).

Are we there yet?

45. My walk in closet - how have I lived for so long without you?

46. A clean house, gives me a sense of accomplishment.

47. A home cooked meal, even better when my mom makes it for me :0)!

48. A hug from a yet, "You're my favorite teacher" comments melt my heart, truly!

49. My iPod, when everything stinks on the radio...just plug in the iPod & listen away.

50. Watching baseball (usually Nick's games) or playing with Noah & Addi. Being with my family, does life get any better than that?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Back to School, Back to School"

Yes, it's going on my 6th year in education and I finally know what I want to be when I grow up...a teacher, FOREVER!

Well, specifically a primary teacher. So it's back to school I go. I'm enrolled at Grand Canyon University, taking online classes. I'm trying to earn my Masters in Education: Curriculum & Instruction, emphasis in Elementary Reading. Phew...that's a mouthful.

It will take 17 months. Seems like a short ammount of time, but after finishing my first week I think these months will be harder that I originally planned, isn't that always the case though?

Plus, this summer in July is DisneyWorld, FL with the WHOLE family--for about 2 weeks. Crazy to be enrolled in school?! Yeah, I know. BUT WAIT, it gets better! I also will be trying to teach summer school this year--for all of June. I have visions of my family on the beach & me in a hotel...typing...or sleeping from 1 too many late nights!

Wish me luck, too late to back out now!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Best Mom

I think my Mom is the greatest!

But, this post is to give congrats to my sister Shawn. She is really a TERRIFIC mother! Addison is such a pleasure to be around & she is super smart.

I see all these posts about wonderful kids...and I'm sure that is the case. I however want to take a minute & tell my sister that I think she is doing a AMAZING job with Addi-girl! Addison loves to be around people, shares, uses manners, and cleans up. She is after all only 17 months old -- that speaks to the routines & boundaries that my sister & Juan have established.

It is so much fun to bathe Addi, get kisses from her, shop with her, and watch her learn & grow in her little stubborn way. Keep up the hard work Shawn & Juan--Addi is truly A BLESSING to me!!