Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here's To You ~ Grandpa Anderson

Well, there are many, many stories & memories to share in such a little space. Also, to try would minimize you! You still are larger than life to me Grandpa, so sit back in your lounge chair, & let's take a trip down Kristan's memory lane...hope it makes you smile!

First, I think I've put this off because I wanted to pick the "just right" thing to say...and I've come to realize that you never said the "just right things" you just said what needed saying & were done with it - how I can see that in me at times as both a blessing and a curse! You said things both good and bad that I recall, but they were honest. You were practical so I think you didn't ever feel the need to lie. As I get older, I realize that sometimes we make choices that we aren't proud of...the only thing we can do is learn from them & do better next time. Grandpa, I think you instilled in me honesty--you admitted there were things you did that you weren't proud of, but you also shared your wisdom. Thanks for being honest.

I'll always remember your pop-in visits. I remember coming home from school in El Paso & seeing you and Mac sitting at the kitchen table with a cooler full of shrimp. Mom wasn't home yet & there you were, waiting for even brought dinner (you didn't know that "us King kids" didn't really eat seafood)! Another time, you were notorious for this Grandpa, was my 8th grade Honor Roll banquet. I remember my mom being frenzied when I came home from school about making the banquet on time & me being dressed neatly. I wasn't concerned...little did I know what was cookin'. When we got to the O Club, there you and Grandma was stalling for the confirmation phone call from the school's secretary promising enough seats for mom, dad, Grandma, Grandpa, & me. That one was REALLY a shocker!

Grandpa, you taught me to work hard & play hard. You were always going somewhere or doing something - camping in Alpine, boating at Lake Plesant, going for a ride, tinkering in your garage, building something in the backyard. You were in a constant state of motion. I always loved going on little drives with you to who knows where? Mostly Dairy Queen after washing cars, painting, or yard work! If you couldn't come, you'd always point us to the group that was going. I remember you telling me to call Aunt Ninn about attending the New Year's Day Fiesta Bowl Parade or getting into Ben & Stewart's old truck to go clay pigeon shooting out in the desert, "Just go, Krissy. You'll have fun!" you'd say. From you I learned to look for the goin' place & hop on ~ you'll miss the adventure if you don't join the group who's movin'!

You also just did a good job of noticing. When I mentioned to my mom one Thanksgiving that I wanted to make some wooden wall things, you told me I needed a jig saw...then proceeded to tell my mom where to find one in the garage. She looked & couldn't find one though. Later, I saw you on 'ol blue looking through Home Depot ads from the Sunday paper, "Hey Krissy, here's a $75 jig saw, on sale for $35. Wanna go get it?" Or when you really wanted me to make was all my mom & Aunt Dee Dee would talk about (yes, we are all prone to your "midnight cravings" it would seem). I told my mom we needed a food processor & in you come with a $100 bill, "Jode', just go get it. Salsa sounds good to me too - not too spicy though Krissy." You always took an interest in our interests - I see it in my mom's, aunt's, uncle's, & cousins lives too. It made me feel special & Grandpa thanks for noticing me!

I don't know where the nickname Krissy came from, and honestly I never had the guts to tell you how much I HATED it. I even recall you getting pretty upset when I ignored you calling me it, because I really & truly didn't know you were talking to me. But, what I wouldn't give for you to tell me some story or give me some advice by starting, "Well, Krissy...". I'll always redirect others: that's a family nickname for me (used especially by my special Grandpa), my name is Kristan. Please call me Kristan. So, Here's to You...miss you & I'll ALWAYS love you & share your stories.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I truly believe that. I set up Christmas at the King house today. A little bit of help from Grandma & Dad, but I did most of the unpacking.

It looks good. I'm officially domesticated, first a pie! Now I'm packing & decorating like a home-owner. Too bad it's not my home.

Enjoy every minute of it...I am!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Baker ?!

Well, who'd of thunk it? Kristan can bake!! Yes, I am just a bit proud of myself for my latest baking endeavorS - yes, there were 2!

My mom left last week suddenly, to be with my Grandpa Anderson. He was having diabetes & congestive heart failure complications. Lately, due to the 20% heart circulation rate, his legs especially his toes, are developing ulcers. Well, he had to have a toe amputated & developed pneumonia while in the hospital. My mom left last Wed. to be with him.

The original plan was for Dad & I to drive down the following Wed. before Thanksgiving to pick her up & be back in town by Sunday. Since, Dad & I both had work obligations, we'd be leaving late Wed. & didn't plan on celebrating much Thanksgiving on Thursday. We have a large extended family, so we were confident SOMEONE would take us in.

Well, mom wasn't sure if Sun. she could leave and Dad and I didn't want to make the drive for 12 hours, just to return to CO without her! We changed plans & scheduled Thanksgiving with Chuck, Evelyn, & Noah instead. Evelyn planned the menu & I brought additions that I can't be without (green bean casserole, Grandma's Salad, & pumpkin pie). Where, however; was I going to get enough GUTS to actually MAKE this pie?

Yes, I was being the "loving sister"--I have been known to do so from time-to-time :0)! I know my brother LOVES pumpkin pie - it's his favorite, but he only gets to eat it around Thanksgiving & Christmas time. My mom always makes it because he loves it so...well, Grandpa's sick & now it's up to me.

I read all day, attempting to ignore or avoid the beast in my head saying, "You can't do this. You can make the pumpkin filling (as I have for MANY years 'helping' my mother) but you can't make the crust, roll it, unfold it, scallop the edges, etc. Just like mom does! Chuck is gonna taste this and laugh at you. It's going to burn, crack, or leak all over and make a mess." Finally, at 9:00pm I got started--I know, I'm SUCH a procrastinator (well, chicken too). Grandma's Salad was easy & by 9:35 I was ready to attempt the pie crust.

Everything came together nicely, rolling the dough was a NIGHTMARE. But all in all, I think my 1st pie looks alright. Best compliment was from my Grandma Anderson; I sent my Aunt Dee Dee via my cell phone, a picture of the pie. Grandma A saw it, called me, & said, "Ina, it looks lovely!" I replied, "Well, it's okay. It has some funny edges & some of the crust is crumbling." She said, "Well, you made if from scratch right? You know, Ina, you could have just bought a crust at the store but you didn't. Good for you! It looks wonderful."

Through the phone I beamed. You know it's true. We talk ourselves out of the difficult tasks, find everything else to do instead of just throwing down the flour and making the pie crust! Jeesh, who cares if it's a little crumbly? What matters is that I tried, I succeeded, I BAKED!

P.S. I also felt like making popovers after watching a Martha Stewart episode in October. I went to Wal-Mart, Target, & finally Williams Sonoma to find a popover cooking tray. Yes, they were fun to make & tasty too. I think I'm becoming some-type of domesticated, single girl!! Maybe it's practice so I don't become BUS BAIT! Ha, ha, ha...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthday & Baby Shower Bonanza

This weekend was full of birthday--MINE! My mom made the best spice cake with cream cheese frosting-YUM! After this year I'll leave my 20's behind...not that I'm rushing that. I read somewhere that if a girl isn't married by the time she's 30, she has a better chance of getting hit by a bus (funny book too). So...pretty soon I'm BUS BAIT, unless prince charming arrives this year~who knows right?!

Also, I was a hit gift giver for the 2 showers I had scheduled for 11/7. I couldn't attend both, but I gave diaper bag/changing pad combos to each of the ladies. And, not to toot my own horn (TOOT! TOOT!) they were both a hit-do I know my friends or what? Well, at least I know what questions to ask! Both moms loved them - to see pictures, google Signed With Stitches--her blog is the first one you'd click on. Amy did a FABULOUS job & the moms couldn't have been happier (they're the baseball & owl ones). Enjoy them ladies, I'm just happy to know they'll be put to good use & that both mothers are so proud of their unique designs.

Giving is so much fun!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

No Pedicures for Awhile

So I am a dumb A&%!!

I usually don't swear, but geesh I did a DUMB thing recently. I am a compulsive cuticle puller -- my nails ALWAYS have some cut or something from my fixation. I know that I do it in times of stress, I know it hurts, yet I am compulsive about it.

It's weird--I accept that, but it's how I handle stress.

Well, my compulsion took to the toenail so to speak & I pulled my right foot's cuticle. The moment it happened, my eyes bugged in pain. SOOOOOO STUPPPPPID! Things went from bad to worse on Monday because the area was red and swollen.

I have reached a new low - my brother-in-law has to snatch my foot and squeeze my toe so I won't get an infection. (He enjoys it, I KNOW!!) I have cried it hurts so much. I am ashamed to go to the nail salon & update my pedicure...

What's a girl to do?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So far this week has been WONDERFUL! I can't say enough about how cute, cuddly, fabulous, & beautiful my niece, Addison, is. She sleeps well, cries rarely, & LOVES a warm bath. She looks just like Shawn...

The only sad thing is I leave Sunday :0(. I will miss hanging out with my sis & holding Addison. I get even more sad when I think about how I'll only see her 4-5 times a year!! I think I really have to look into moving. My family is wonderful & CO has grown on me over the last 8 years, but NO ONE compares to my sister - she just "get's me" without explanations or judgements. I LOVE that she is truly my BFF & we can have such a FABULOUS relationship. I truly feel adored.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September School Times

So, I will try to keep my "teacher talk" (as Juan calls it) to a minimum on my blog...I'm doing so well so far?! NOT!!! Well it is a huge part of my life, but I'm still learning (after 5 years in the biz) that I can't let it be my WHOLE life.

Now, I will try to keep running entries of my favorite funny things kids say...because I swear they are full of little one-liners that keep me laughing. The sad thing is when I tell people, I can't recall the story right then. Hopefully by jotting them down I will have something to jog my memory.

Favorite Quote for September so far: My mom teaches in an MH (Multiple Handicap) room. That means the students have a low IQ/learning disability that is significant. One of her little girls missed Tuesday, September 8, 2009 - the day of the controversial "Obama Speech." Now for a ranting. I am not an Obama fan, but I do believe he is a highly educated man, who is smart enough not to give a politically infused speech to children. I mean COME ON folks!!!! Any way, the little girl in my mom's class was asked, "Why didn't you come to school yesterday? Were you sick?"
She replied to my mom, "No. I'm not sick. My mom kept me home because she didn't want my brain washed yesterday." TOO FUNNNY!

I'm off to wash brains now...

Friday, September 4, 2009

"So, I see you're wearing flip flops...hmmmph!"

Okay, so let me start by saying I am the queen of making comments that come back to "bite me in the rear" as it were :0). Quiet I am not.

Blunt, check. Silly, check. Scarcastic, check. I know that no one is above reproach (including me), but I err on the side of if I don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all -- as mom taught me. So that being said let me tell you about the "substitute" Who Must Not be Named, that we had filling in for one of my 5th grade teammates today.

Upon my arrival at school (at 7:45ish--yes that is earlier than normal, but usually I arrive 8:00ish) I was greeted by a frazzled Nicole--a different 5th grade teammate, who rolled her eyes as she said, "I'm going to the library to print Kathy's sub plans for Mrs. _____ --she's been here & she's waiting for them."

Nicole isn't usually so flustered or pushy, so my response was "Oh, okay. I was just about to do that for Kathy, she asked me yesterday." Nicole and the sub leave & head for the printer. The sub is not heard/seen by me until 2:30pm at recess. Well, Nicole got the brunt of her behavior earlier that morning. This sub, proceeded to make remarks on her "casual attire" & the fact that she was, "wearing flip flops--hmmmph, like that's professional" she commented.

What?! Excuse me? The things people say, I swear! What gives this SUB the freedom to make such an inappropriate comment to my teammate, Nicole? Like it's her business. I know God prevents me from face-to-face situations like this, because my commment back would have sounded something like, "And you're a SUB because you can't get a real teaching job, no one would hire you anywhere, right?" I KNOW, sarcastic...check.

This type of behavior really gets under my skin -- mind your own business! And for crying out loud, if you have UNECESSARILY RUDE comments to make, please keep them to yourself. But of course, Nicole and I just vent to one another & she lets it roll off her back--being the bigger person it would seem. Wish I could say the same for one of my 5th grade boys...

So karma, gets us all right? I know that's an eastern religion phrase, but the idea of karma is also in the Bible ~Galations 6:7-10~. So tell me if this isn't just divine, one of my students in math was told by this same sub to "Go dance in the road with traffic at recess, not in my class!" What? Then, because she's obviously picking on him, he throws an eraser at her & it hits her face. LOL!!!!! I don't in any way advocate violence, but this is TOOOOO much. Really?! Did she just pick on a student & then he turn around, with all the guts in the world & defend himself, against an adult's attack?! YAY for him!

A referal to the principal was necessary for this boy, but I have a tough time hiding my smile. Good for HIM~stand up against rude people AKA bullies (young or old).

Friday, August 7, 2009

The First Days of School

Phew...I made it. Every year it's the same, getting back into the day-to-day routines of a teacher back at work. Man, we do a lot (please don't ever be one of "those" people who say, "I wish I had summers off--must be nice!") In 2 days I: moved into the P.O.D., arranged furniture, installed a shelf above my coatracks, hung posters, planned, and went to numerous meetings.

My class this year, well...they aren't the angels I had last year OR the difficult class I had in 2006-7. We'll see, only time will tell. I'm learning that they need to stay busy...they go from 0 to 60 in 1 second when they are not involved in a task! I have some sweet boys & really kind girls ~ some spunky boys and some that are just I found out on Thurs. when this certain boy said aloud, "I'll get my Thursday folder papers signed if the reward is worth it!" Excuse me?!!!! Needless to say, I gave a bit of a lecture about expectations for a few mins. Such audacity~it truly boggles my mind!

Best kid quote so far this year--a Kindergartener said to our principal on Wed. in the cafeteria when she was monitoring/helping the kiddos eat, line up, etc. "Mrs. Ritz, will you open my apple?" Of course he meant cut it, but SOOOOOO darling!

Sane, for now at least. My To Do's are down to 5...overall I'm managing the start to this school year swell :0).

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So, I left my options open--for God to direct (at least that's what I told myself).

I wouldn't be sitting here semi-saddened that I didn't get a phone call from D20 if I was truly just applying so I had options.

I REALLY wanted to leave D49 & intermediate teaching--thanks, been there tried that & it's not for me! I would be ecstatic if that were the case. I should just be happy for a job--so many don't have even that, I should be happy that I signed my contract & turned it in today...but, I'm not.

I'm just here, ready for another year of same-o, same-o. I wonder what God has for me?

Only time will tell.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Team Jasper it's official...I'm a Twilight fan!

I really hate horror films & because I thought Twilight was within that genre, I chose to ignore the phenomena that it was. However, no matter where you turn these days--it's everywhere! Posters, flair, MySpace, Facebook, magazines, folders, on and on...

So, when it showed up in my 5th grade classroom in March, I sighed & asked my 10 year old student if she: "Thought that book was appropriate for reading in school?" She assured me it was & that her mom said she could read it (no hesitation on her part). So I allowed the book in my room & the 8 more that followed--of course, what's good for the goose is good for the gander :0)!!

In April, our neighbor (who is my mother's age) loaned us Twilight over Spring Break. I about lost it...I really was like "COME ON! What is with this vampire stuff?!" I also proceeded to make a Top 5 Things I Hate that Everyone Else Seems to Love--#5 was an Edward Cullen & Bella Swan image with the title Vampires.

I caved though...I admit & watched Twilight to really understand "what the fuss was all about." After watching the movie I was like okay, but I still don't get all the hype. I came back to my 5th graders after Spring Break & told them, with a great big grin, and a semi-squeal, that "I had watched Twilight!!" The girls (who had brought in the 9 copies of books) were all inquisitive about if I enjoyed it and if I thought Edward was cute...blah, blah, blah. I told them I was proud of myself for watching a vampire movie--they know I hate horror--and was pleasantly surprised that there was so little blood & guts. They laughed and said, "I told you so."

At the end of the year, these same girls told me to read the books. Citing back to me that "the movies are never as good as the books, Miss King." So I agreed to "MAYBE" read them this summer. I thought that was a good answer.

The straw that broke the camel's back was my 14 year old cousin spending the summer with us. She brought her Twilight movie & books 1-3 (Twilight, New Moon, & Eclipse). She encouraged me to read them, especially after she and I watched the MTV Movie Awards. I was like this movie was REALLY popular--I think it won like 6 awards. And...she was SOOOOOO EXCITED about the movie preview for New Moon. So I caved, I bought the first 2 books at Barnes & Noble. OMGsh...I loved them so much that I went to Wal-Mart 3 days later to buy the last 2 because I just had to know if Bella became a vampire...DUH! Even the Barnes & Noble sales girl was like..."You should just buy all 4 of them now. You'll so be back here in a few days to get the'll see." She was right...everyone was right...

Lesson learned: Don't judge a book by it's cover.

You may be wondering why this particular blog is called Team Jasper. Well, I took the Facebook quiz and learned that I am attracted to the Jasper character & most compatible with him. So, GO TEAM JASPER--forget the Team Jacob & Team Edward crap (even though, Edward is pretty hot :0)!!!). I am taking quizes, talking about, & adding flair like all the other crazy fans. I am now loaning out my copies to Clare, so she can have discussions with her deployed husband about Twilight (he's read books 1-3 and is currently on Breaking Dawn)!! Ha, Ha--It's official I am a HUGE Twilight fan & recruiting! Who'd of thunk it, LOL!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I will attach pictures...I'm so proud of Clare and all her hard work with VBS this year. We made a good team, too bad it took like 50 trips to Wal-Mart & Hobby Lobby! No really, shopping with Clare is a pleasure--she even got me to do some returns (I'm converting to the dark side :0)!).

We have a fantastic class of Kindergarteners & 2 extremely helpful mom volunteers, who just "get stuff done" & step in without being asked. That is truly a blessing...considering Clare & I don't know if we're coming or going from day to day.

I'm most happy that the students seem to be enjoying themselves in every way. They listen to the Bible stories, practice the memory verses, & rotate through all the various centers so well. They've gotten to paint, play dress up, make crafts, do recreation--most importantly they've learned about God & prayed.

I didn't count on VBS being so much fun--thanks Clare, helpers, & kids. The theme this year was Boomerang Express, set in Austrailia. We could be heard thoughout the halls of FBCBF, our train wheels pumping, saying the week's theme: "Follow! Worship! Live through Him!" It's been an awesome week.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kleptomaniac of sorts

Yes folks, you heard it here first! I am officially a kleptomaniac...

Well, not quite :0). I had one of "those days." Today I was grouchy & my 5th graders this morning were very well behaved, so I was able to have an easy going morning, no yelling or incidents of any kind.

I wish the afternoon could've gone as smoothly! I must say, that I have no kids--therefore my authority lies solely in my experiences over the last 4 years, with other people's children.

So back to my afternoon. One of my children, who shall remain nameless, decided to bust out his protractor while I was teaching area today. I had had a previous incident on Friday and asked all my math students not to bring protractors, as they were not needed any longer this year. Well today, out pops the protractor--I take it and tell the student that I will keep it until math is over. Oh no, you should have heard it..."Give it back" over and over and over. Slapping, kicking, hitting, shouting, OMGsh! Never in my life have I ever seen someone go off, I calmly restate, "You can have the protractor once math is over."

"You're a thief, GIVE IT BACK, NOW!" So onward he is drug from my classroom to the office--my teammate buzzed the emergency for me. I feel like the worst teacher today. I mean, I did give the warning, right? I didn't expect that reaction, but whatever! Now I can say, I know what those teachers feel like when pandamonium breaks out, fights, whatever.

Now onward to my parent note. Although I am not a parent, I feel I fall somewhere between parent & single--no kids etc. I mean I deal with kids all day? Like I said, I'm in the grey area, not as experienced as a parent, but still I know something, right?! Somewhere this child, who is now in 5th grade, learned that by throwing a temper tantrum he got his way. When did his parents not notice that they were loosing their control? Have they not seen it?

I swear folks, if I were to have a Parent/Teacher Conference this week, parents wouldn't say, "Yeah, we've seen this behavior many times. We're at a loss, how can you help us?"

It would go something like this, "Well, what did you do? He NEVER acts like this at home!" GET REAL--who do they think they're fooling? I didn't just walk into this classroom from off the street. Someone caved into this child's behavior & has every day since, this is why he acts as such. No one set clear boundaries & stuck to them--so he feels that throwing temper tantrums works with all adults, teachers included. As his math teacher, all I can do is watch him flail around like a dying fish on the floor, hoping that at some point he realizes that THIS STRATEGY ISN'T WORKING!!! It won't work for any kid, anytime, in my classroom--or for that matter when/if I'm a parent myself.

Once again, I am no expert. But for goodness sake, PLEASE parents, be honest. If we can't work together & share our advice or experiences honestly, who loses? I have watched too many episodes of Super Nanny to truly believe that the kids are angels at home & demons solely at school! Why not call a spade a spade? Why try to hide the huge elephant in the room? Everyone already sees it!

Well, my rantings are done...this has been the confession of a protractor klepto!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Okay folks, the goal is growth. I know I'm 28, but I still keep forgetting that it isn't a mistake if you learn from it.

Today I reached a landmark place~I returned to the "scene of the crime" and walked away unscathed, by the grace of GOD! I prayed as I was leaving Stetson today & I KNOW that God heard that prayer and answered it.

I walked into an EXTREMELY difficult place and left with a smile on my face :0)--God is good! Aaahhh, so good He is to me. So good, I even got to reconnect with a few children along the way, I don't know how people without God do it??!!