Saturday, April 21, 2012

"...and You Can't Pull Me Down!"

I'm on a Wicked high!

Last night was so much fun..."Memories are made of this."

All through.  It was AMAZING!

Clare has all the pics because in true "Kristan-form" I brought my camera but didn't use it.  {I'm like my mother that way - it's genetic, so get over it!}  But Clare is such a pal she'll send 'em to me & I'll add 'em in a few days.  BTW, Clare...we saw all the herbal attire & smelled the 16th St. stench because yesterday was some sort of 'Legalize It Smoke Out' FYI.

Here we are...can't wait to get inside.

Quick pic in front of the entrance, with the poster!

So, I've decided that I should do a theatre show every year - I have L.O.V.E.D. every one of them so why not?  Let me know if you're in - we can form a group of Theatre Gals...we'll fa' sha' have a B.L.A.S.T. & support the arts.

I'm off to get 2 on sale ceiling fans at Lowe's and rock out to the Wicked soundtrack in my car -
"Kiss me good-bye, I'm defying gravity!"

Stage...Clare the rebel!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Change - A Kinder Thang!!

I am so excited to embark on my newest professional challenge - Kindergarten Teacher {and as of 5/5/12 Kristan King, M. Ed.!!!!}

AAHHGG - is my first response.  I know many of my non-teacher peeps are thinking {as a family friend Beth said} "It's not that different from 1st, Kristan.  I mean what's 1 year?!?!"

Okay, moment of truth - about 5 years ago I said, "I will never teach Kinder." some crow girlie!  Well I have a mouthful & for all you who feel as Beth does I'm just gonna say, 1 year makes a WORLD of difference.  Eons - TONS, no joke 1 year is a big deal with 3-7 year olds.

I am excited too - there is something extraordinary about being the FIRST.  First to teach how to be in school, how to eat lunch, how to form & walk in line, how to recognize print & begin to decode it, first to spark that love of learning...

Okay - now I'm tearing up!!  I know {cheesy, I am cheese ball}.  So pray for me on my new adventure & I truly send up praise to the Lord for answering my prayers for the past 2 years.  I am looking forward to loving my team & my job - I know BOTH can happen, simultaneously - and I won't settle for anything less.  And, PTL my team has already "shown the love" and I can wait for planning to begin...

My Kinder journey begins on 5/9 with Kindergarten Round-Up - Yee Haw!!