Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

For the past month, or so, I have been blessed with 2 very SPECIAL house guests!

I love spending time with my sister - she's super generous with sharing her home with me, so it was nice to return the favor.

Addi was a fun addition to the party! She is truly a doll. It has been fun to hear her little phrases, listen to her mimicing EVERYONE, and watching her antics! She truly is a bright, little Miss Sunshine; bringing light wherever she goes.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Cutest LUNCH on the Block!

So, I needed a good gift idea for my sister. She appreciates her accessories (as all women do)! I was invited to a Thirty-one party and had plans to order a lunch tote for myself, but then I had the brilliant, beyond brilliant, idea to order 2 instead - one for me and the other for Shawn.

Well, with Grandma's passing I couldn't attend the party. BUT - gotta love the Internet - I was able to order as if I'd been at the party. Shawn chose a white bag with colorful dots, monogrammed in bright orange. Here is my super cute monogrammed lunch bag (it only had a minor issue, but Thirty-one resolved it VERY efficiently, so no complaints)...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feels Like Home

Grandma Dee passed away in late May and this post is just a simple look back into our dwelling places...

Well, I remember spending so much time in that little shop in downtown Phoenix. Grandma & Grandpa knew everyone! That store was theirs, arranged like a little Circle K...passers-by knew where to find things & everything was accessible.

Since we lived in different places, my family had lots of down time with Grandma & Grandpa. Time spent in their various houses, chating and enjoying a meal or coffee. Usually we spent Thanksgiving and part of Christmas together and her house always had the walking Santa ringing his bell and a little tree, with colored lights.

It wasn't until Grandpa passed away in 2000, that I really got to know my Grandma Dee--we reluctantly moved to CO at the same time and it was the first time I'd spent any extended time with my Grandma. Honestly, we were like roommates. We complained about CO winters, went shopping, ate Chinese, laughed, and learned about each other. Sometimes we went to a movie or just walked circles around Wal-Mart. Those first few years we shopped for everything to add that personal touch to our rooms and shared bathroom. Pictures, bathroom rugs with matching towels (straight pins), wall hangings, flowers, vases, potpuri, baskets, beds, dressers, bookcases, record player, chairs, YOU NAME IT! Grandma was estatic to move into a larger room & expand her interior could find her room anywhere!

In the final weeks with her she was so funny! She'd share stories and funny jokes...I think that's why even while she was in the ICU I didn't think she was ready. I mean, she was cracking my Mom and I up. Then Shawn came and they were laughing too.

I just remember Grandma talking about home. In the hospital and even once she came to my parents' house...always talking about HOME. I was like, "Grandma you're here" because I (wrongly) assumed she meant her room, at my parents' house. Not the case! She wanted to be home...with Grandpa & Jesus. In her heavenly home, her final and permanent residence.

I know heaven is the best home she's ever had! Many people will remember Grandma for her accessories and dogs...I remember those things too. I also remember that Grandma's house was always familiar, decorated in the same way no matter what address she had. Her house/room always had artificial plants/flowers, bells, teacups, and photos. She loved to move things around but no matter the arrangement, it always felt like HOME.

When I get there, I'll be sure to recognize Grandma's home - I can't wait for the reunion!