Saturday, September 14, 2013

Out with the Old & In with the New

So I was sad, my favorite Pink pal bit the dust a few months ago...when I tugged too hard on her zipper!  I've been using her still, but it's time for a purse shopping trip - SEE:

I just love her - but she's seen better days:

So, I will just *HAVE* to replace her & retire "Pretty in Pink" to the great Purse-house in the sky {aka: my closet}!

On to the new - (while glow golfing at Chapel Hills mall) I walked past a Vera Bradley store...I forced walked with Noah inside & found this gem:

So my Kindle is padded & cute...I just need a bag that is {Coach} & equally so!!  Hmm, & maybe another Vera for my iPod & iPad too...

It's fun being a girl {our accessories are the BEST!}!!!