Sunday, January 11, 2015

How I Spent My Holiday...

A few photos to share about all the fun I had from 12/19 - 1/4:

Happy Birthday, Mom - a fun night at Mary Poppins!

Enjoying Annie with 2 cuties (the old one, BTW).

 Two sleepers - tired on Christmas Eve!

Christmas cuddles with my cutie nephew Lucas!

Some Christmas crafts that we completed.

Lil' Miss Addi, diva posing, in her clothes from Uncle Chuck.

A New Year's photo with this handsome cutie, Lucas!

Kissy, kissy faces - ready for 2015!

A night of selfies...

A birthday surprise
Blessings...too many to count!  I love being apart of a big family - one that loves, argues, forgives, & is involved in the happenings of each other's lives!  Thank you for your love & support,