Monday, May 31, 2010

Love Your Bubba!!

I know everyone loves their family...but I have to jump in and say that my family is the best!!! This weekend was moving day.

On Friday, at 3 pm Mark, Ryan, Chuck, Dylan, Dad, Evelyn, & I got everything over to my place. The boys doing most of the work...I was just sorting and directing where to put things. After 2 1/2 hours we were done.

Saturday morning the fridge was delivered at 7am promptly & Bubba came over AGAIN. I swear everyone needs a brother like mine! He was "handyman extrodinare" and got my kitchen light installed, old light mounted in the garage, shock installed in the door, leveled my fixtures, repaired a broken fixture (from moving-the only casualty), leveled my stove, installed my 2 broken mini blinds, installed & reprogamed my thermostat, & hung my shower curtain pole.

Then to top it off, he came over Sunday too & helped fix my water line so that my ice maker would work...which it is!! I love my Bubba...he is amazing & so considerate. It is nice to have a family that works hard for each other - such a gift from GOD!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Trip to Home Depot

So...I am falling in love with Home Depot! I guess since I'm now officially a home owner there are so many cool things to buy there. Who knew? Well, I always went there for the things my dad needed or lumber (where else do you get that stuff?) but who knew shopping at Home Depot could be fun. I'm looking forward to curtain pole purchases, fixture updates, potted planters, & lighting accessories.

I am in love with HOME DEPOT!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Back to 1st grade!

Well, I think I've graduated from 5th & can move down to 1st again. Yay, I am hoping to finalize my transition...yes, it means moving schools AGAIN. I am happy to do it though (especially since I get to stay with my fabulous principal & move back to primary teaching).

I have to say that 5th has been an adventure. God knows that I wouldn't have left my old school, or tried 5th grade without a PUSH. I unwillingly went to SES & 5th, and along the way met some AMAZING people!!

I'm glad God is in control, He truly works all things for the good...~Romans 8:28~