Thursday, December 5, 2013


So my parents bought a house in Flagstaff, AZ...over the internet {they swear they didn't - because "they've seen it before" but I say NUH-UH!}.  They asked my Aunt/Uncle to check it out for them & winterize it...they bought it for it's location & well, it needs some work.

Since my parents wanted to check out their "forever home" we spent Thanksgiving in AZ - Mom/Dad in Flagstaff & Shawn/I in Phoenix.  Chuck stayed in CO with Noah.

I volunteered in my sister's room for 2 days:

They had Scarecrow Day

And then we made plans for Christmas gifts, went shopping, ate turkey, watched The Book Thief & Frozen.

Some holiday PJs for Addi-girl.

"Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?"

Then, our week was through & Shawn dropped me off in Flagstaff.  We spent an evening sewing & crafting with my Aunt - she was so excited for her new words:

It was a great week - I long to be close to my sister & was nice to spend time just living life together.  Still undecided about moving to AZ, but I know it'll be hard to be so far from BOTH my mom & sis...we'll see - God's timing!

Kristan King