Monday, July 29, 2013

A Training to Remember

I try to use my blog for me & family - keeping "teacher talk" to my teacher blog: Crayon Confessions.  However, my life is my job - I mean I pour into my classroom kiddos & they enrich my life so much!  I love teaching, it is more than my "JOB" - it is who I am...a calling, if you will!

Today I attended an amazing training - Capturing Kids Hearts.  I am learning so much about my colleagues - who they are, their life experiences, why they became a teacher, the things they're dealing with, & really what AMAZING people God has placed in my life as co-workers.  Learning about the hardships & things my friends have endured is truly opening my eyes to how REMARKABLE they are!!

I have been blessed to be surrounded by GREAT people & this CKH training is allowing our site to bond in a way I've never imagined {& it's only been 1 day - we have 2 more to go!}

I am beginning to see just how much of a support system & family we have at RVES - I can't wait to meet my parents/families on Wed. & welcome them to our united RVES family.  Then I get the privilege of being the teacher to 22 Kinders - who I know will help me learn & grow as a teacher and person.  So grateful to be entrusted to teach these kiddos & excited for what will happen in 2013-14 school year,