Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bad Reflexes!

People make fun of me {friends & family} because of my AVERSION to horror flicks.

Well, first of all...the plots always stink. I mean how many Saw's/Chucky dolls/Texas Chainsaw Massacres/Jaws/etc. can there be? Doesn't that get old...just sayin'?!?!

Then, there is the fear of the dark. I mean when I see a scary movie or one that is graphic, the images stay with me for awhile (Seven, 8mm). Of course nightmares & fear of the dark is soon to follow.... Really, did I just pay to see a movie that literally FREAKS me out & makes me lose sleep? So, I don't!

Finally, I have bad reflexes. This shows up in the oddest of occasions - 16th street mall with a Michael Jackson impersonator, characters in those fuzzy costumes, fire drills/tornado drills {it's the alarms, my kids have said "Watch Miss King, she'll hop & scream!"}, and yes MOVIES!

I have jumped or been startled quite noticeably in the following movies:

  1. Jaws {seriously won't swim in the ocean too deep or snorkel because my PHOBIA of great white sharks, all from this movie} [FYI - I had a moment in Sea World in that glass tube thing with the sharks where I saw visions of the shark breaking the glass just like in Jaws 3]

  2. Jurassic Park {stupid raptors - cracked my Uncle Keith up}

  3. Lord of the Rings (those black horse riders; Chuck had to defend me because my scream startled my neighbor - he had a few choice words for me, because I caused him to spill his soda)

  4. Independence Day - literally thought my heart was going to come out of my chest, when that alien hit the glass window!

  5. Harry Potter - various points in MOST of the movies (especially the Godric's Hollow snake part in HP#7 Part 1)

  6. and now...The Hunger Games - this time my neighbor, who I frightened with my scream didn't yell, she & her boyfriend thought it was funny {PHEW! I apologized, she just waved it off with a smile}

I guess the images & action just keep my attention, then when something jumps out it FREAKS the crap out of me - for reals!! I am sure there are more for the above list, these are just the most memorable - LUCKY ME. I should just keep my yelps to myself, but I can't...oh well - this is what makes me who I am (if you're easily embarrassed by public startling, don't go to the movies with me FYI).

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hippity-Hoppity, Easter's on its Way!

Just a quick post about my new Easter purchases:

Lovin' my finds from Pottery Barn, a fun way to change up my red/ivory plates with some seasonal FUN! And, this girl cannot pass up PINK!!! Now, I'm just waiting for a package from my sis so I can hang my living room/dining room curtains...will post more about that decore soon.

Hey and if this weather keeps up it might actually be/feel like Spring for Easter...wouldn't that just beat all! You could actually hunt for Easter eggs without snow?!?! Does CO know how to do that?

Fingers crossed,