Saturday, February 26, 2011


So I never thought of myself as afraid of enclosed spaces--elevators, closets, trunks, etc. Probably because I've never been locked in one!

Well, on Wednesday that all changed. Have you ever experienced that panic when you lose control & really aren't sure how to solve a problem?

I'm pretty sure that's what happened to me! I was leaving for work & my garage wouldn't open...the overhead motor was just blinking. I didn't start to panic until I pushed the buttons, reached over my car & reset the motor & it STILL wasn't working. Then I realized I wouldn't be able to leave, how would I get to work--how would I get my car out--did my car have to stay trapped in here? My heart started racing & I kind of freaked out--who was going to help me?

Oh, but the cord--THANK GOD for the pull cord thingy that allowed me the freedom from my beastly garage. It is amazing how little I stopped to assess a situation before panic ensued! I'm even more grateful that I didn't get in total freak out mode before I recognized that the escape pull cord was dangling there all along.

Oh and have I mentioned before ;0) just how FANTASTIC a brother I have? ;0) Called him on my way to work & he dropped by to save the day. He fixed my garage & my garage light--it was doing that annoying flicker thing (even with new bulbs) so he rewired a new ballast, which is MORE energy efficient--YAY for BROTHERS. Then Evelyn made dinner. Love those 2!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best & Worst

So in a Teaching with Love & Logic training this Saturday I had to write about my best & worst teachers.

My best was Mrs. Becker in 3rd Grade. She was older, probably close to retiring but she'd sing at her piano for transitions at least once day & we all had fun classroom jobs. I loved being in her class and especially loved the fun projects we'd do for holidays. Also I remember she was really good about reading aloud (I remember Jumanji & The Elves and the Shoemaker) to us and having parent speakers each month. I have so many memories: Secret Santa gift exchange, being Hawaii and voting for Roger Rabbit in our mock-Presidential election, and joining choir performing: Peter Rabbit & singing for soldiers before they deployed to Kuwait.

Worst...was 1st Grade. Maybe this is why I feel so compelled to be a good, relational 1st Grade teacher?!?! I remember not speaking in her class for days - and for those of you who know me I'm sure you're like "Yeah, right!" Really though, I remember her making me recite things in front of the class that she knew I couldn't do...I just felt so stupid so I started to play mute. I hated her class & I was almost retained because of my lack of cooperation in her presence! What's worse...well, my mom told me a few weeks ago that she's pretty sure this lady got Teacher of the Year in our former school district. I guess sometimes it's just a personality conflict, right?

So how goes it with you? What are your bests & worsts when it comes to school teachers & memories?

Monday, February 7, 2011

50 Things I Love

Well, this marks my 50th blog post. So fittingly I'll post 50 things I LOVE - also just in time for Valentine's Day!

1. Knowing that my future is settled - my faith is who I am, Jesus paid my way & words can't express that sacrifice or my gratitude.

2. My family...who would I be without their influence & modeling?

3. The sun - couldn't live in a place where it's not sunny for most of the year! CO, almost doesn't count because winter lasts FOREVER!!!!

4. Slippers - love having extra toasty feet.

5. Electric blankets, a must have for an AZ girl living in CO!

6. M&Ms a mix of regular & peanut (boys & girls as Casi says)

7. On-line school, kinda crazy considering I whine about it alot, but I'm really enjoying that I can just glance over all the annoying peoples' comments, not have to listen to them drone on & on for hours in a lecture hall!

8. Quilting, it has been fun learning how to sew like my mom & I'm getting better each quilt.

9. Claritin-D-nothing helps me breathe better with the allergies. Even when I have to sign my live away to get the script, it's SOOO worth it.

10. Teaching, most days it's fun & the BEST JOB EVER!

11. My boss-she's an amazing administrator, who thinks like a classroom teacher (very hard to find)!

12. Glee (need I say more?).

13. My brother's handy-man skills.

14. Fires - I love campfires, wood burning stoves, & electric fireplaces; love that toasty feeling & the smell doesn't bother me like it does some people.

15. Chai-tea try one, you might get addicted!

16. Talking on the phone with my sister.

17. FB - keeping in touch is fun, most of the time.

18. Aunt Dee Dee's e-mails because they're full of quilting patters she wants me to try.

19. Harry Potter - so sad to know the final movie #7 part 2 is almost here.

20. Going to the dentist - LOVE having a teeth cleaning.

21. Flip Flops - why wear shoes?

22. The Bachelor - love to watch & ponder the rantings of the cast members!

OMGsh...not even 1/2 way yet?!?! This is HARD!

23. Traveling (would love to visit all 50 States--next is FL; really want to go to NY).

24. Chick-flicks, can't resist 'em.

25. Reading - I'll read any book you give me, HONESTLY!

26. Coloring, I find it soothing to use Crayola crayons to color (guess I'm in the right profession :0)).

27. Jewelry, love those accessories (too bad they're kinda $).

28. Friends - spending time with people who care about me & who I care about.

29. Coffee, how do you get up without it?!

30. MY BED - can't believe it took this long to post, forgot you oh dear thing.

31. Going shopping, although I've cut WAY back in this dept.

32. Patterned socks...if you must wear socks, patterns make them fun.

33. Game nights - my competitive side comes ROARING out (I really enjoy winning)!

34. Popcorn, the movie theater kind hurts my tummy, but I love making it at home in a pot (not in the microwave).

35. COKE - another one I can't believe is so far down the list, but I've really been cutting it back.

36. My cat, Simon's great company.

37. Google - how did I find answers to all of life's questions before it?

38. Pedicures. I'd love to get one soon, any takers?

39. Finding new uses for old stuff, I keep things & it's fun to find ways to craft or reuse old items.

40. Frozen margaritas with EXTRA salt...mmmm!

41. Post-it notes. Well really, office supplies in general make me happy. Love those colored paper clips too!

42. Wireless of the best & most thoughtful presents from my dad EVER! Plus he apologized because he "Couldn't find a pink one" LOL, too funny right?!?!

43. Pumpkin cookies with maple icing...tasty.

44. Sparkle the sparkle ones, most of mine sparkle (and if they don't I add the sparkle over the flat colors ha ha!).

Are we there yet?

45. My walk in closet - how have I lived for so long without you?

46. A clean house, gives me a sense of accomplishment.

47. A home cooked meal, even better when my mom makes it for me :0)!

48. A hug from a yet, "You're my favorite teacher" comments melt my heart, truly!

49. My iPod, when everything stinks on the radio...just plug in the iPod & listen away.

50. Watching baseball (usually Nick's games) or playing with Noah & Addi. Being with my family, does life get any better than that?