Friday, September 24, 2010

No Time to Waste seems that people enter and exit my life in the blink of an eye these days. My new philosophy as of today..."No Time to Waste!"

If I hang out with you, it's because I like you. I am not going to be around those who hurt my feelings or make me sad--why? I don't want to feel like less of a person after I've been around someone--who would? If I don't feel good about my time spent somewhere, I will not stay & be uncomfortable--I'll LEAVE.

Watch me kick my dust...I'm going, going, GONE!

Thanks to those who invest in my life, who call me to chat, who love me for me, & who MAKE TIME to be with me. YOU are the people who will remain in my life..

My life is full. Full of friends, family, and LOVE. My cup runneth over!