Friday, June 12, 2015


So, I've my "new," *forever (although I resist saying that - I have no plans to move & would be happy staying where I'm at for good, or a good-while!).*

I moved into my parents' house to finish out my current teaching contract (March - May 2015) - left my district in CO after 10 years (May 2015).

Packed up & moved out...

It was A LOT of work - thank goodness for fathers, brothers, & friends like family - who got it all loaded & ready for us.

My mom & I made the trek to AZ Memorial Day weekend & I've really settled in, despite 3 weeks passing.  Basically, my stuff is between Flagstaff & Phoenix, I share a bedroom with my niece, & I'm really okay with that, my frustration is...

I've been searching for a needle in a box-stack.  I mean I have to go through a garage, in summer, looking for my shot record.  You may think *duh - why isn't that in your "important papers" box?*  I know, YOU'RE RIGHT!  Okay - I should have put in in that box when I stumbled upon it (with my high school diploma) as I was packing.  However, I haven't pulled that thing out in 8 or 9 yrs. & I had no reason to...I'm vaccinated, all shots up-to-date, & no reason to prove it.  Well, until our recent trend - the stupid anti-vacc movement!

Here's my rant...when did it become okay to "have the right" to make others unhealthy?  When did vaccinations become EVIL?  Why is it that I have to prove that I am vaccinated (which I have no problem with, I AM & PROUD of it!), while I have to educate & expose myself to students who are 'exempt?'

I am now on the hunt for that shot record...hoping I can find it after a 2 or 3 box search.  *Prayers that this doesn't become a beast, but we all know that it might!*  All else fails, new shots...but I'm hoping that's not necessary,