Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snow Special

Isn't my 'Frosted Latte' snowman ornament super cute? Thanks Mom, XOXO!

A post about my Gordmans goes!

Well, I only have 2 seasonal wall hanging quilts (Happy Jack & Presidential Pardon), so what's a girl to do with that empy wall space {FILL IT}! Plus, for any of you who have visited, you know that my hangings are pretty sparse anyway...there is only so much you can do on a limited budget - staying out of debt is priority #1.

At Gordmans on Monday we ran into some super cute things & at great prices. Super perk, they're I can keep them up in CO 'til Feb. or March {BECAUSE IT'S ALWAYS STILL SNOWING!!!}

Here are my lovely finds...

Here is the garland I plan to put around my mirror upstairs - to keep the spring & snowmen theme going.

Monday, December 19, 2011

"and, Another one for me!"

My mom and I went on an ornament hunt today! Don't you hate when you go shopping for a specific thing & it eludes you? I can't stand it!

However, I do love when you get the best gift ever & it happens unexpectedly - so I guess it can't go both ways {although, it SHOULD!, LOL}. Well that is what happened to Mom and I today. We went to 3 Ross stores in search of Steinbach ornaments, that mom found all through my childhood in Germany for $3-$8. They are all our favorite ornaments {mom, Shawn, & me}.

Well Shawn found them by chance in 2 different Ross stores in AZ - mom and I thought we'd give it a try, no such luck!

If you know me, you should know that cute ornaments are a family trait - it's in our DNA! My mom's tree is super cute with these Steinbachs - and I am OOBER jealous that my sister's tree will now have 8 of these cuties. Mine will have 1, my sister's ornament gift to me this year {bummer for me that I don't have 8, I must have gotten genes from the shallow end of the pool!}

If I wanted, I could purchase them from the Steinbach store in Germany for $25 a piece! What?!?!? I'm sorry but part of the fun of having an ornament giving tradition is that they're not super expensive, I don't own an ornament that is more than say $10 (and that's a stretch)!!

Mom and I stopped at the Southgate Ross in a final attempt, no luck (it was our 3rd store). I did find some super cute ornaments for mom & dad at Gordmans though. Check 'em out...

And now the post mom was deciding upon her final purchases..."Let's see," she states. "I have 1 for me. OH, and another one for me. And...another one for ME!" Yes, she was so funny talking to herself, so proud of all 3 of her ornament finds - FOR HERSELF! She ended up buying me a "Frosty Latte" snowman in a coffee cup & I bought these two pictured above. She still ended up with 3, all for herself! She's so funny.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

~Something(s) Lovely...Beneath the Tree~

So my first gift was to myself, a Black Friday present {applause} a CRICUT!! I have been wanting one for F.O.R.E.V.E.R. & yes, it is all mine. So excited to get cutting...I think my first cuts will be for my classroom kiddos snow globes.

Thanks to my parents, gift #2 came last week - my living room ceiling fan. Dad & I were at Lowe's looking for something {heaven knows what, the man could sleep on a cot there and still find something to purchase DAILY} but we couldn't find it at Home Depot so we went looking elsewhere. We were perusing the aisles & I casually said, "That fan looks nice." My Dad said, "Well, we'll get it for Christmas. We'll come back with your Mom and pick one out that you like." I thought, "Cool!"

S0 now I just need to update some lighting fixtures, add my curtains, & hang 2 fans upstairs in the rooms. Well, let's not discuss flooring just yet! :0) {A house is a work-in-progress, as I'm realizing.}

P.S. This post is for Nicole - who shopped with us {Mom, Shawn, & I} on Black Friday. Shawn asked me, "Are you going to wrap your Cricut & cartridges, and put them under your tree?" That was not my plan, but before I could reply as such, Nicole says "No, that's dumb - she should go home & use them!" Ha HA! {Nicole bought a Keurig, I asked her about wrapping it up & placing it under the tree as a joke - she rolled her eyes & was like, "H#*@ NO, I'm making my coffee with it tomorrow!"} Gotta love us single gals, asking for practical gifts or just buying them for ourselves!!

P.S.S. Now I'm seriously considering a Keurig for myself - Black Friday 2012?!?!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nonies Having a Birthday!

O.H. my word! My beautiful, rambunctious nephew is turning 4 tomorrow! How can that be? I'm sure my brother & Evelyn feel the same...but really, where does the time go?

I can't wait to see him tomorrow, at Mr. Bigg's house {so funny that he calls it that} and give him his presents...

  1. An Elf on a Shelf - I bought one for my class too, and parents let me tell you Taylor the Elf {named by my 24 1st graders} is Ah-MAZ-ing at correcting behavior so only nice things are reported to Santa each night! Plus, it is so fun to watch the children scour the room looking for the elf's latest hiding spot. If you don't have one, you are missing out on a F.U.N. Christmas tradition!

  2. Art supplies - the kid loves to color, the bulk of his gift was #1. I just wanted to give him some fun things to supplement (and I don't want him to only get Christmas-y gifts from me on his birthday).
I swear though, December birthdays should be outlawed - not because we don't want to celebrate. But what do you get for a kid who will get a TON in 3 weeks?!?!

XOXO Noah, Aunite KK loves you so much!