Saturday, May 26, 2012


So I do have a 4.0 GPA, but no degree!  Well, I've earned it - but it hasn't come in the, now I have to call.  I "graduated" 3 weeks ago, so I have been patiently waiting - now time is up.  I hate having to call...I mean it COST me to get the darn thing {it wasn't cheap either} and I didn't go to the graduation why the hold up?

I'm also moving classrooms on Tues. and have to wait for the former room's owner to move out, so I can move in.  Last year same scenario...but my "mover-inner" didn't wait so his stuff was ALL OVER my room last year & it was so horrible.  I didn't want to do that to the previous occupant of Room #3, so I am waiting my turn.

Last night at our staff end of year party, a person mentioned how everything in her life is in place.  She wanted to be married, have kids young, have her career established, & now she's just in a place where everything is flat lined.  She said, "I hate stress, but I need it, you know?" 

Hmmm...NO.  I don't agree - I thrive in a drama/stress-free zone.  I like the balance in my life & I like the quiet moments {I guess that's what makes us POLAR opposites}.  I find it funny that that same person began to tell me about how to date...which sites I should be on & how I'll never find someone unless "I put myself out there" {a comment I hate!!!!}.  And, BTW, she's not even a Christian - cracked me up her views about dating, marriage, etc...when we have TOTALLY different values/morals & upbringings, what makes you think I would follow or listen to this UNSOLICITED advice anyway?!?!?!

Geesh, I really like how "content" people proceed to tell me about how to run my life--but this person admitted to not being content, so even more reason to ignore this, right? 

Is it absurd to think that I might actually meet someone beyond my own control?  I mean, I have prayed about this & I feel that God will bring me someone - no for me to direct, obsess about, or have control over {problems arise when this occurs}.  NOTHING is wrong with dating sites, but I'm not sure if that is within my comfort zone...can't I decide that for myself?  Isn't God bigger than my decision to date via Internet or not?  I mean, can't I meet someone that is a good, Godly choice - if God had that person in mind for an option, can the Internet stop that?  Just something to consider.

Anyhow, what's the problem with waiting?  My turn will come & until then it's not like I'm not living life & enjoying myself!!!!!!  I secretly wonder if all the people who obsess over my lack of dates just want to live vicariously though my {non-existent} dating stories etc. (as in this one did ____, he wore ______, or he said _______)!  I mean, what's it to you?  And, I KNOW this person passing out advice isn't interested in my well-being or happiness...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who's the Master?

I AM!!!  Yes, Kristan L. King M.Ed. posting here peeps.

My paper is all turned in and my 4.0 GPA is {not quite, but BETTER WILL BE on 5/9} official!

So, now I am going to work on removing my laptop, which has been like my third arm, from my fingertips.  I can't wait to leave it at school...what?!?!  Or, bring it home for the sole purpose of doing classroom work, not papers or discussion posts.

Happy Tuesday - it's the BEST for me,