Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dreams Begin Here

I am so excited to start my 7th year...teaching 1st grade...with a Disney themed room.

Every year I start out with a "theme," I guess. But, they never stay - I change things up and don't change my language or meeting place names (ie meetings happen at "carpet" & daily calendar is called "calendar"). SO dull...I know, but it works.

This year I am excited to change things up! I'm naming my classroom after different parts of the Magic Kingdom Park in Disney World. Gonna be fun & I'm super excited to mix it up.

My introductory bulletin board is called 'Dreams Begin Here' & I'm excited to learn about & accomplish some dreams to this year's group of 6 & 7 year olds!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Vacations...Phew!

So, we had our ups and downs - but we managed to have a 10 person family vacation! Only thing I'd do differently...wear sunscreen on my LEGS at Daytona beach, BEFORE falling asleep!

Of course we can't please everyone, but I'd do it again (vacation with 10 people, I mean). AND, I'd go back to FL, just I'd try to do a little less - 4 amusement parks in 6 days is A LOT, especially with 2 toddlers.

Highlight: Chef Mickey Breakfast...it was expensive I won't lie, but it was so much FUN to have 1-on-1 time with the 5 charaters & to see the excitement on Addi & Noah's faces. The food was nice too, not at all like a "buffet" experience I was expecting.

Here are a few photos - check out Shawn's blog for others:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Bling T & Spray Paint

So as a high schooler I loved Mickey Mouse. Perusing through my jewelery box the other day I found an old pair of Mickey Mouse earrings. I was SUPER excited, with our upcoming trip to Disney World, these would make the perfect addition to my bling'd out t-shirt.

Only problem...they were tarnished, used to be gold but had just gone UGLY! So I thought, paint 'em. Well I found a can of spray paint for $1.38...NICE!!! Spray painted those bad boys & Wa La...cute, right?!?! Here are pics of the shirt & earrings...

"Write On!"

So here are some pics of a new bulletin board I'm making, for writing. For all those who think "Teacher's have summers off, must be nice & Teachers have the best job because of it..." well this post is to prove how much off time we really utilize!

Can't wait to see it all hanging in the hallway. All my RVES peeps - don't go copying, ya hear?!?!