Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Baker ?!

Well, who'd of thunk it? Kristan can bake!! Yes, I am just a bit proud of myself for my latest baking endeavorS - yes, there were 2!

My mom left last week suddenly, to be with my Grandpa Anderson. He was having diabetes & congestive heart failure complications. Lately, due to the 20% heart circulation rate, his legs especially his toes, are developing ulcers. Well, he had to have a toe amputated & developed pneumonia while in the hospital. My mom left last Wed. to be with him.

The original plan was for Dad & I to drive down the following Wed. before Thanksgiving to pick her up & be back in town by Sunday. Since, Dad & I both had work obligations, we'd be leaving late Wed. & didn't plan on celebrating much Thanksgiving on Thursday. We have a large extended family, so we were confident SOMEONE would take us in.

Well, mom wasn't sure if Sun. she could leave and Dad and I didn't want to make the drive for 12 hours, just to return to CO without her! We changed plans & scheduled Thanksgiving with Chuck, Evelyn, & Noah instead. Evelyn planned the menu & I brought additions that I can't be without (green bean casserole, Grandma's Salad, & pumpkin pie). Where, however; was I going to get enough GUTS to actually MAKE this pie?

Yes, I was being the "loving sister"--I have been known to do so from time-to-time :0)! I know my brother LOVES pumpkin pie - it's his favorite, but he only gets to eat it around Thanksgiving & Christmas time. My mom always makes it because he loves it so...well, Grandpa's sick & now it's up to me.

I read all day, attempting to ignore or avoid the beast in my head saying, "You can't do this. You can make the pumpkin filling (as I have for MANY years 'helping' my mother) but you can't make the crust, roll it, unfold it, scallop the edges, etc. Just like mom does! Chuck is gonna taste this and laugh at you. It's going to burn, crack, or leak all over and make a mess." Finally, at 9:00pm I got started--I know, I'm SUCH a procrastinator (well, chicken too). Grandma's Salad was easy & by 9:35 I was ready to attempt the pie crust.

Everything came together nicely, rolling the dough was a NIGHTMARE. But all in all, I think my 1st pie looks alright. Best compliment was from my Grandma Anderson; I sent my Aunt Dee Dee via my cell phone, a picture of the pie. Grandma A saw it, called me, & said, "Ina, it looks lovely!" I replied, "Well, it's okay. It has some funny edges & some of the crust is crumbling." She said, "Well, you made if from scratch right? You know, Ina, you could have just bought a crust at the store but you didn't. Good for you! It looks wonderful."

Through the phone I beamed. You know it's true. We talk ourselves out of the difficult tasks, find everything else to do instead of just throwing down the flour and making the pie crust! Jeesh, who cares if it's a little crumbly? What matters is that I tried, I succeeded, I BAKED!

P.S. I also felt like making popovers after watching a Martha Stewart episode in October. I went to Wal-Mart, Target, & finally Williams Sonoma to find a popover cooking tray. Yes, they were fun to make & tasty too. I think I'm becoming some-type of domesticated, single girl!! Maybe it's practice so I don't become BUS BAIT! Ha, ha, ha...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthday & Baby Shower Bonanza

This weekend was full of birthday--MINE! My mom made the best spice cake with cream cheese frosting-YUM! After this year I'll leave my 20's behind...not that I'm rushing that. I read somewhere that if a girl isn't married by the time she's 30, she has a better chance of getting hit by a bus (funny book too). So...pretty soon I'm BUS BAIT, unless prince charming arrives this year~who knows right?!

Also, I was a hit gift giver for the 2 showers I had scheduled for 11/7. I couldn't attend both, but I gave diaper bag/changing pad combos to each of the ladies. And, not to toot my own horn (TOOT! TOOT!) they were both a hit-do I know my friends or what? Well, at least I know what questions to ask! Both moms loved them - to see pictures, google Signed With Stitches--her blog is the first one you'd click on. Amy did a FABULOUS job & the moms couldn't have been happier (they're the baseball & owl ones). Enjoy them ladies, I'm just happy to know they'll be put to good use & that both mothers are so proud of their unique designs.

Giving is so much fun!!