Sunday, August 21, 2011


Well in the thick of back to school - my life, desk, house - basically EVERYTHING can get out of whack!!

It is amazing how 1 list turns into 5, all with unfinished tasks! Every year I wonder - how do I do this all? How will I overcome this pile? Is it always like this?

A wise teammate/friend told me that the beginning of the year is like labor. You forget how hard it is because you have the reward of the child - if I remember the start of every year I would STOP teaching (just like a mother, if her only memory was of labor, she'd likely not have more children). What I remember from year to year are the moments of insight, humor, and the products of a year-long effort - sending class after class to the next grade with confidence that they'll be successful the following year.

Right now my life is totally out of balance! I'm working at developing so many things at once, but I have to slow down and enjoy the moments and remember how it took the WHOLE year to master centers, calendar, writing groups, reading groups, and really our daily schedule (to be honest :0)).

I'm going to calmly approach this week - despite my overwhelmingly heaping desk & lists of unfinished to dos. I am not going to NOT do what is expected of me, but I am going to strive for balance and try really hard to keep calm so I can just ENJOY my wonderful 23 6 year olds!!! My class is truly a great one - a gift I've been entrusted with. I am so anxious to start this week now...