Thursday, October 15, 2009

No Pedicures for Awhile

So I am a dumb A&%!!

I usually don't swear, but geesh I did a DUMB thing recently. I am a compulsive cuticle puller -- my nails ALWAYS have some cut or something from my fixation. I know that I do it in times of stress, I know it hurts, yet I am compulsive about it.

It's weird--I accept that, but it's how I handle stress.

Well, my compulsion took to the toenail so to speak & I pulled my right foot's cuticle. The moment it happened, my eyes bugged in pain. SOOOOOO STUPPPPPID! Things went from bad to worse on Monday because the area was red and swollen.

I have reached a new low - my brother-in-law has to snatch my foot and squeeze my toe so I won't get an infection. (He enjoys it, I KNOW!!) I have cried it hurts so much. I am ashamed to go to the nail salon & update my pedicure...

What's a girl to do?