Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So far this week has been WONDERFUL! I can't say enough about how cute, cuddly, fabulous, & beautiful my niece, Addison, is. She sleeps well, cries rarely, & LOVES a warm bath. She looks just like Shawn...

The only sad thing is I leave Sunday :0(. I will miss hanging out with my sis & holding Addison. I get even more sad when I think about how I'll only see her 4-5 times a year!! I think I really have to look into moving. My family is wonderful & CO has grown on me over the last 8 years, but NO ONE compares to my sister - she just "get's me" without explanations or judgements. I LOVE that she is truly my BFF & we can have such a FABULOUS relationship. I truly feel adored.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September School Times

So, I will try to keep my "teacher talk" (as Juan calls it) to a minimum on my blog...I'm doing so well so far?! NOT!!! Well it is a huge part of my life, but I'm still learning (after 5 years in the biz) that I can't let it be my WHOLE life.

Now, I will try to keep running entries of my favorite funny things kids say...because I swear they are full of little one-liners that keep me laughing. The sad thing is when I tell people, I can't recall the story right then. Hopefully by jotting them down I will have something to jog my memory.

Favorite Quote for September so far: My mom teaches in an MH (Multiple Handicap) room. That means the students have a low IQ/learning disability that is significant. One of her little girls missed Tuesday, September 8, 2009 - the day of the controversial "Obama Speech." Now for a ranting. I am not an Obama fan, but I do believe he is a highly educated man, who is smart enough not to give a politically infused speech to children. I mean COME ON folks!!!! Any way, the little girl in my mom's class was asked, "Why didn't you come to school yesterday? Were you sick?"
She replied to my mom, "No. I'm not sick. My mom kept me home because she didn't want my brain washed yesterday." TOO FUNNNY!

I'm off to wash brains now...

Friday, September 4, 2009

"So, I see you're wearing flip flops...hmmmph!"

Okay, so let me start by saying I am the queen of making comments that come back to "bite me in the rear" as it were :0). Quiet I am not.

Blunt, check. Silly, check. Scarcastic, check. I know that no one is above reproach (including me), but I err on the side of if I don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all -- as mom taught me. So that being said let me tell you about the "substitute" Who Must Not be Named, that we had filling in for one of my 5th grade teammates today.

Upon my arrival at school (at 7:45ish--yes that is earlier than normal, but usually I arrive 8:00ish) I was greeted by a frazzled Nicole--a different 5th grade teammate, who rolled her eyes as she said, "I'm going to the library to print Kathy's sub plans for Mrs. _____ --she's been here & she's waiting for them."

Nicole isn't usually so flustered or pushy, so my response was "Oh, okay. I was just about to do that for Kathy, she asked me yesterday." Nicole and the sub leave & head for the printer. The sub is not heard/seen by me until 2:30pm at recess. Well, Nicole got the brunt of her behavior earlier that morning. This sub, proceeded to make remarks on her "casual attire" & the fact that she was, "wearing flip flops--hmmmph, like that's professional" she commented.

What?! Excuse me? The things people say, I swear! What gives this SUB the freedom to make such an inappropriate comment to my teammate, Nicole? Like it's her business. I know God prevents me from face-to-face situations like this, because my commment back would have sounded something like, "And you're a SUB because you can't get a real teaching job, no one would hire you anywhere, right?" I KNOW, sarcastic...check.

This type of behavior really gets under my skin -- mind your own business! And for crying out loud, if you have UNECESSARILY RUDE comments to make, please keep them to yourself. But of course, Nicole and I just vent to one another & she lets it roll off her back--being the bigger person it would seem. Wish I could say the same for one of my 5th grade boys...

So karma, gets us all right? I know that's an eastern religion phrase, but the idea of karma is also in the Bible ~Galations 6:7-10~. So tell me if this isn't just divine, one of my students in math was told by this same sub to "Go dance in the road with traffic at recess, not in my class!" What? Then, because she's obviously picking on him, he throws an eraser at her & it hits her face. LOL!!!!! I don't in any way advocate violence, but this is TOOOOO much. Really?! Did she just pick on a student & then he turn around, with all the guts in the world & defend himself, against an adult's attack?! YAY for him!

A referal to the principal was necessary for this boy, but I have a tough time hiding my smile. Good for HIM~stand up against rude people AKA bullies (young or old).