Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why hello there Michael Buble!

So, a few months ago I was searching for MB concerts in the Colorado Springs area...found a concert on 11/20 in Denver.

I had 2 friends who committed to attending with me - Cat (my school's art teacher) and Sarah (a friend from church).  Last night we left town at 4:30pm & rocked out all the way to Denver listening to "To Be Loved" via my iPod.

We got to the Pepsi Center & had dinner across the street.  We ate dinner & enjoyed some conversation, we were just excited for a chance to see the concert - even from our nosebleed seats in section 322 {at the tippy, tippy top}.

Once we got inside we decided to do the "concert things" like t-shirt buying & poster pics etc.  So we waited a good 30 mins. between purchases & getting pics:

It took a little help from a few passers-by, but we finally got the pics we wanted.  We headed up the 3 escalators to our seats:

But the story changes, DRASTICALLY here!  We never made it to Section 322...What?!?! you say, WHY is that, you ask?

Well, we ran into Linda - Pepsi Center employee OF THE YEAR!!  She waved us over near concessions & handed us 3 seats ON THE FLOOR!  UPGRADE, YEAH!!
So we head down to Section EEE, Row 11...Hello new seats:

We were 4 rows from the mini-stage & we crossed our fingers that it was set up for him to perform from there!

Enter Naturally 7 - a great acapella group that got us all jazzed for the show.

Now bring on:

Yep, he was basically as big on the prompter as he was from our seats folks!!

Then, he walked to the mini-stage & I about peed my pants:

I swear I almost got to touch him - my cup runneth over!  Look at those pics...that's CLOSE people.

And then came the confetti:

Yep, I am in love - "All You Need is Love" don't ya' know?


I still can't believe I scored an UPGRADE to the floor - ROW 11!  Cat asked if our tickets included backstage visits - hey, can't blame a girl for trying to score the ULTIMATE UPGRADE!

Kristan :0)