Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hug a Teacher!

So, chances are you have your job because you had a teacher...teachers make it possible for everyone to have the careers/jobs they have.

It was Teacher Appreciation Day on 5/7 this year & did you hug a teacher...or thank a teacher?  I hope so -  I'm a product of the American public school system & I'm proud to be a public educator.  Here are the teachers I'm so grateful for:

  1. Mrs. Barnett - K
  2. Mrs. Allen - 1st
  3. Mrs. Valdez - 2nd
  4. Mrs. Becker - 3rd
  5. Mrs. Hanson - 4th
  6. Mrs. Amoriello - 5th
  7. Dr. Heath - 6th
  8. Mrs. Hawker - Science (7th)
  9. Mrs. Sword - English/Home Ec. (8th)
  10. Mr. Havens - Biology (9th)
  11. Sr. Tamooka - Spanish (10th)
  12. Mrs. Roca - English & Mr. Stoddard - Algebra II (11th)
  13. Mr. Clark - Chemistry (12th)
I may not have "liked" everyone one of them, but they all helped shape me into the adult/teacher I am today - for that I am THANKFUL for you!  Mrs. Becker I still have the mug that was given as my 3rd grade Christmas present, I had lunch with Mrs. Hawker a year ago (that was surreal), & Mr. Havens I still remember the gestures for the 4 stages of mitosis, LOL!

Now that I'm a teacher too, I can say that a hug or card - even a pat on the back or "thanks" REALLY can brighten our days!

I got this on Friday:

So show some love to a teacher - they invested in YOU!