Sunday, November 23, 2014

I'm On My Way!

So yesterday I became 1 step closer on my journey to AZ...

So now I have a 1 year teaching license for 1-8 & just passed my Early Childhood Exam, so in the spring I can apply for Kinder positions.

Now it's time to sell my townhouse...

I feel like God is blessing this decision around every obstacle...He is making it clear that family is where I need to be - right now that is supporting my sister in AZ!

Thanks friends on FB who said a little prayer for me @ 10:30 yesterday....I had test anxiety like FOR REALS!  It took me until 4:30pm to unwind & I finished my test at 11:45am!  I don't know why I was so stressed, but I'm glad I got it over with before Turkey Day 2014.

3 more sleeps until I can snuggle with these CUTIES:

Happy Thanksgiving,

Monday, November 10, 2014

Heard of It?

Ever heard of Donors Choose?

I have a few colleagues & "teacher friends" who have written grants using this wonderful organization.

It took me a bit of time to get up the nerve, I mean I'm not really good about asking for money or begging friends/parents to purchase supplies for my room.  But, I saw how effective some grants were & the teachers were so excited to get their boxes of new items - putting those new tools to use immediately.

I was jealous!  For real.

So, I thought long & hard about what I wanted that was reasonable.  A game or activity that I could get a lot of use out of - I perused "the teacher haven" Lakeshore.  Seriously - this store is teacher-crack!  No JOKE - they have everything, pretty much in a box.  Pre-made, already laminated, & kid-proof.  I can't leave Lakeshore without spending $100 - CAN'T.  IMPOSSIBLE.

Found a game & alphabet tubs that I think should be apart of EVERY Kindergarten classroom & set about writing my grant.  I was checking that thing daily over Fall Break, hoping for something.  Nothing.

Until tonight.  It wasn't 1/2 or anything, but you know what...I'm excited for ANY amount!  Really, teachers spend so much money & in years past I wouldn't have hesitated to spend $300 on a few tubs & games.

Of course these things will be put to good use & I encourage you to check out various projects on the site.  Maybe mine isn't for you & that's okay.  Consider a donation to someone's classroom.  Heck, if you can't give money - give your time!

Our district just failed to pass a Bond.  So, despite your political feelings about education, budgets, taxes, expenditures, boards of education, transparency, administration, etc. - my school, the largest elementary in the district, has to deal with overcrowding {SIGNIFICANT OVERCROWDING} & teachers need help.  Teaching 24+ Kinders in a room with 1 adult is asking a lot - testing 9 Kinders 1-on-1 every 12 days is asking a lot, completing 24+ assessments 1-on-1 for letter id., letter sounds, rhyming, blending, segmenting...yeah, it's A LOT!

So, if you can't give a $ donation - which I understand, consider donating an hour or 2 once a month.  Teachers always need help copying & working with small groups of children.  I COVET these helpers.

What a great way to stay connected with your child & donate - whatever you can.  Trust me, every little bit helps & is appreciated,

P.S. My project is here.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

11/7 - Happy Birthday Lucas!

So Lucas arrived!  I was so excited to be "birthday buddies" with my newest nephew...alas, it didn't happen.

Lucas Clemente Espinoza arrived at 12:23pm on 11/7 weighing 6 lbs. 8 oz., 19 3/4 in. long - he is a blessing & I can't wait to hold him.

Yay for healthy babies,

Saturday, October 25, 2014

5 for Friday - er Saturday!

So I'm posting here for my linky, since I'm on Fall Break still & these photos are what I've been up to during break:

My mom and I were literally sewing machines -

So I got started on my newest quilting project -

There are 48 of these poppies to sew around, cut into 4ths, & then piece back together into 48 mix-matched blocks.  So excited for how it will fray & look rustic.

And Elsa had to get in on the mom came over to show me how she decided to border her quilt & Elsa was so excited to weigh in her opinion:

Mom sewed a care package of goodies for Addi & Lucas - the costume above was the main reason for the package...but Mom couldn't help but include some PJs, a chevron quilt, & a few receiving blankets for baby-to-be - can you tell Lucas' nursery is gray chevron with blue/orange accents?

And...I got my "shop on" with some fun things for my house & my wardrobe:

Bought a neon infinity scarf for "bright color" day - Red Ribbon Week 2014!  And, saw this polka dot shirt & it just made me smile...yeah for gift cards, spent $28 at Kohls & left with new jeans & this top.

This one is for my 'admit one' ticket stub shadow box...I save all my ticket stubs & this box was on now I have a place for all my fun ticket stubs - so I can brag about all the cool shows/concerts I've seen (NOT!  LOL - gotta get my show on)!

Even though it's Saturday - Fall Break was awesome & my pics reflect some much needed relaxation,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Look What I Added!

Can you tell?

I hope you see it.

Figured it out yet?

...okay, I added a signature.  I'm super excited over my tech/blog prowess!

If you're interested, Google it - the whole process took me less than an hour.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Blogging Hiatus

So I'm not even going to begin to apologize...I'm a slacker & my friend called me out on it at dinner Mon. night!

Hence, my 1st post in *almost* a year - so here is my personal life in photos:

December 2013:
Making a gingerbread house with Chuck & Noah - to celebrate Noah's 6th!
Christmas painting RVES party!
A new kitten - Elsa (Addi named her)!
Saying good-bye to a dear friend - Clare!

My summer in Phoenix & Mormon Lake, AZ:

Happy 5th Gator - celebrating early at Build-a-Bear (July):

Noah's PRANK - shining Papa's head!!

Getting prepped for Back 2 School:

Just this month (September 2014):
Saying good-bye to Simon, a great pet!
New frames!
Orzo & kale soup
Yummy PSL - just in time for fall!
Receiving blankets for Shawn's baby - Lucas.
And that friends is my life in a nutshell - I'm tired of organizing & now you are up-to-date!

I will do better & attempt to post *at least* monthly!  Keep in mind that I am a weekly blogger at my teacher blog:  Still teaching & loving it - Kindergarten is the BEST!!

Hope to hear/read lots of comments now that I'm BAAAAAAaaack! :0)